Devils Ivy: Why Do The Leaves Change Pattern?

Devil’s Ivy Raphidophora aurea and Epipremnum aureum

img 1977 1024x768 Devils Ivy: Why Do The Leaves Change Pattern?

Wondered why your multi-colored Devil’s Ivy Leaves have changed their color permanently?

The leaves of this plant will change from a bright green and yellow spotted leaf designs to a solid green color if the plant is not getting enough light.  It’s just that simple!  Although this office plant does well  in many situations and isn’t something to thrust into bright light, with minimal lighting it will actually produce only solid green leaves, and literally change it’s spots.

As more office buildings are opting to leave their lights off all weekend long, or install motion sensitive lights to conserve energy, plants that enjoy 7 day per week light are adapting to far less light per week.  While Devil’s Ivy is not damaged by less light, if the color change bothers you it may be time to move the plant to a location underneath an emergency light that is on 24 hours per day – 7 days per week, or nearer a window.

It may take a few months, but with a little more light, your plant will return it’s leaf pattern to what it was when you purchased it.

img 1974 1024x768 Devils Ivy: Why Do The Leaves Change Pattern?

Red Osier Dogwood; ‘Red Twig’

red twig branch Red Osier Dogwood; ‘Red Twig’

We all like to have winter color, and there’s nothing more Christmas-y than the bright red branches of the Red Osier Dogwood.  This great North American native bush has beautiful architectural quality to it, and the crisp winter sun will literally glow off of it’s  branches.

This great native alternative works well in soggy areas, and drainage gardens, and makes a bright addition to pond banks.

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My New DIY Front Door Wreath

img 21291 1024x768 My New DIY Front Door Wreath

I love making my own decor!  Not only is it cheaper than buying something pre-fabricated, but it’s much more personal, and means that my accent pieces can say more about my home in general.

This year I really wanted to make a wreath for my deep blue front door, and I wanted something that I could feel comfortable leaving out in the cold, without fear of anything breaking.  Since I wanted the wreath to have blue tones in it, and also make a pleasant statement to my guests (think cinnamon scents) as they walk through the door, I hit my local Michaels crafts store, and found just what I was looking for.

I bought two rolls of blue wired ribbon, large navy jingle bells, wooden 2-D snowflakes, a bag of cinnamon scented pine cones, and some shatterproof Christmas balls.  I like to use one full roll of ribbon for HUGE bows on my wreaths, and used a large part of the second roll for weaving around the wreath.   I hot glued the other decorations onto the wreath to make the placement of everything permanent, and hung it on the door with a giant suction cup hanger.

Here’s the final product!  It wafts a warm cinnamon scent around you as you open the front door, and looks really charming, and winter-y from the street.  Since the colors are blue and white, I may leave it up longer than some of my other Christmas decorations.

Happy Holidays!

img 2133 725x1024 My New DIY Front Door Wreath

Fall Mixed Foliage and Decoration Designs

I was cleaning up the last of the seasonal decor to make way for my winter decorations, and realized that I hadn’t shown off a few of my Fall displays!  So while I pull out the outdoor winter decorations, take a look at a few more of the cute arrangements from warmer weather gone by!

img 1927 768x1024 Fall Mixed Foliage and Decoration Designs

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