A Hibiscus and Caladium Container Garden

IMG 27331 A Hibiscus and Caladium Container Garden

This Caladium and Hibiscus garden is great for several reasons, the number one being that this Caladium is sun loving and can thrive in areas that used to burn out a Caladium’s big, bright leaves. Additionally, this combination is the perfect thing for soggy corner areas that seem to promote mold and rot in other plants.

Recipe For This Container Garden:

  • 1 Yellow Hibiscus Tree
  • 3 Red Flash Caladium
  • 3 Rainbow Confetti Lantana

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Build A Cold Frame For Winter Vegetables

IMG 2496 Build A Cold Frame For Winter Vegetables

Now is the perfect time to build your own cold frame greenhouse for the cold weather months, so you can grow your own veggies and salad green thoughout most of the year.  You don’t need a lot of know how, or space to create your own greenhouse in, and you can create a simple cold frame from treated lumber, or plywood from you local home improvement store.  Plans for a winter cold frame house to grow salad greens and veggies can be as simple as this plan below. 

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Mute Swans As Canada Goose Control

Hansel 768x1024 Mute Swans As Canada Goose Control

Canadian Geese are a nuisance across much of North America, where flocks of several hundred at a time may take up residence in public space and create major waste problems.  While the Canada Goose is a welcome native species in North America, they have been naturalizing in parts of Europe where they are not native. In the United States where they have been protected for decades their numbers have boomed enormously, and can cause problems for businesses that rely on large areas of open turf as part of their business model.  From golf courses, to retirement communities, Canadian Geese can cause major problems if their numbers are not modified, and controlled, and the pound of poop per day that they produce can be a public health hazard.

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Pond Tips Q and A: From Algae to Eco-Pond Liners

IMG 2608 Pond Tips Q and A: From Algae to Eco Pond Liners

Ronnie Citron-Fink of Care 2.com and I got together last week to do a ‘Q and A’ roundup of common questions regarding pond care and maintenance.  I’ve come up with some great tips and advice for her readers in “Pond Secrets: Create Vibrant, Healthy Ponds With The Green Gardenista,” tackling issues like algae, pond design, fish choices, and eco-friendly pond liners.

Looking for some tips and encouragement?  Read our interview, and follow Ronnie’s own pond and garden adventures as she “goes green” in her own neighborhood!

A Peach Rose and Superbell Container Garden

IMG 2739 A Peach Rose and Superbell Container Garden

This peach themed container design works in partial sun and shade, to fully sunny locations, and features a mix of perennial and annual flowers, and shrubs.  In cool climates, only the Roses in this container will last from year to year, but in warm climates the Coleus can be perennial as well. Want to recreate this look?

The Ingredients:

  • 1  Peach ‘Daybreaker’ Floribunda Rose
  • 3 Different Varieties of Coleus
  • 3 Peach Superbells

I chose to contrast the peach of the Roses and Superbells with the bright reds and purples of Coleus, and I think it looks lush and bright, just in time for summer!

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