A Drought Tolerant Ornamental Grass and Flower Container Garden

IMG 2693 768x1024 A Drought Tolerant Ornamental Grass and Flower Container Garden

My summer has been incredibly dry and hot with 3 of the last five days in the triple digits, but this container garden is still going strong with 3-4 waterings per week. This planter garden is packed with bright and refreshing colors, and 5 different types of drought hardy plants that fill in the container quickly, and make your thumb look greener than it may actually be.

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A Garden Engagement

IMG 2766 1024x768 A Garden Engagement

Pardon my absence, I’ve been planning my very own garden themed wedding (of course), in an unbelievably fast 2 month window! It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me, beginning with a surprise engagement to my boyfriend, and steam rolling into a wedding day that’s only one more month away!

I’ve never been a believer in long engagements, at least for myself, so this past month has been a series of evenings filled with rapid fire decisions to make, and venues to tour. My evening freelance writing has fallen to the wayside a bit, and I’m looking forward to jumping back in with all of you.  Curious about how he popped the question, and where we went to celebrate our engagement day, keep reading this week for more of my story, and regular updates from my very sleep deprived mind.

All the best,

Amy the Green Gardenista

What To Read While You’re Stuck In Fourth Of July Traffic

Venus Fly Trap What To Read While You’re Stuck In Fourth Of July Traffic
Photo Courtesey of: Just chaos

Well, the long weekend is almost over for those of us in the USA.  If you are like me you may find yourself in some serious bumper to bumper traffic as you leave the beach, and having a little garden reading can really lighten the travel stress.  Here’s what I’m going to be reading today on my way home!

Amy Leigh over at “Growing Plants Indoors” is talking carnivorous plants, and has a list of 10 Indoor Plants That Can Eat Bugs, and break you out of your indoor plant rut.

Fine Gardening has a great article on how to plant 10 Different Plants For Year Round Container garden appeal!

Fern over at Life on the Balcony has tips for the summer gardener, and how to start a late Summer Edible Container Garden.

Virginia over at Planet Green is giving us the dirt on city gardening with The City Girl’s Guide to Country Gardening Lesson #12: Sussing Out Your Soil.

And TipNut has 50 Soothing Home Remedies you can make yourself to treat and relieve your summer sunburn. Talk about timely information!

I’m off to hit the roads, so I wish the rest of you the best of luck in your travels as well!  I hope you had a restful Fourth of July Weekend.

Home Grown Berries, A Pancake Breakfast Recipe, And A Big Surprise

IMG 2754 Home Grown Berries, A Pancake Breakfast Recipe, And A Big Surprise

This is the face of my Saturday mornings lately, and I’m loving it!  The Raspberry and Blackberry bushes I planted shortly after I moved in to my city townhouse have given me their first big yield, and on Saturday mornings one of the first things I like to do is collect the newly ripened berries for cooking. I keep my berry bushes on trellises in my front yard to give them the optimum amount of sunlight, and to keep them looking a little more organized and upright than they would if I let them flop around like they would prefer. [Read more...]

How To Choose a Lawn Service

Pepperdine University How To Choose a Lawn Service

Photo Courtesy of: PC – My Shots@Photography

Being in the “green business,” I get a lot of questions from friends and family about the pros and cons of lawn services over a Do-It-Yourself program. There is a lot of satisfaction to be gained in building your lawn up yourself, and for many people (myself included), puttering around in the yard is both an enjoyable hobby and a stress reliever. For those of you considering a lawn service for the next chapter in your life I would like to share with you my “insiders perspective” about what the strengths and weaknesses of the lawn care industry are, and give you some pointers on things to look for when choosing one for yourself. I will preface this post by saying that I am not employed by any lawn care service, and have no interest in recommending any one service by name. If you are considering a lawn service I want to give you the right questions to ask to help you find a company that will save you time, money, and environmental impact, all while building a beautiful and healthy lawn.

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