Stink Bugs Q and A

Brown marmorated stink bug adult female Stink Bugs Q and A

Photo Courtesy of: BuggSlayer

Asian Stink Bugs have invaded the East Coast of the US, and are causing home owners trouble as they infiltrate homes, cars, and workplaces.  They’ve made it all the way to the local news, the CBS Nightly News, and the blogosphere so far, but the practical answers on where they came from, how to manage them, and what to do about that smell, had yet to be answered – until now!

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Indoor Outdoor Lead Paint Safety

paint can1 Indoor Outdoor Lead Paint Safety

Photo Courtesy of: jasteende

Fall weather’s got us all outdoors painting, and re-furbishing our indoor and outdoor spaces before the holiday season catches up with us, and I want to help you brighten up your home and garden and make it safer for all those Sunday suppers, and football parties you want to get around to hosting!

There’s a certain green appeal to recycling and re-furbishing an older home, and weather it’s indoors or out on the wrap around porch lead paint is not your friend.  If you’ve got an older home you need to repaint make sure to read professional engineer Todd’s home improvement updates on the new legislation regarding lead paint before you begin painting or scraping that old railing.

Safety First!

My Engagement Trip to Ladew Topiary Gardens

IMG 2829 1024x768 My Engagement Trip to Ladew Topiary Gardens

This past summer threw me for a loop!  I plunged into one end of the summer a single woman, and tumbled out three short months later a married lady! I’ve spent the majority of the last few months consumed with wedding planning, packing , moving, and ultimately trying to start my new life out on the best footing possible.  I’ve had blue ribbon days, and days where I’d rather have a re-do, or at least an early bedtime, and some pajamas with footies.

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My Solar Fountain Circa 2010

IMG 2860 1024x768 My Solar Fountain Circa 2010

This spring I purchased the Solar SunJet 150 for my tiny front yard pond by the mailbox.  It worked perfectly all spring and summer, sparkling and splashing away in the bright sunlight. The gurgling water attracted all kinds of city wildlife that I might not have seen otherwise, like Mockingbirds, stray cats, a groundhog, stray cats, House Sparrows, stray cats, Dragonflies, stray cats, and Raccoons.   With variety like this, who needs national parks?  Not this girl!

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STI Solar Fountain SunJet 150 Review

51wM3t0tccL. SS500  STI Solar Fountain SunJet 150 Review

The Solar Fountain SunJet 150:

This is the first solar powered fountain I’ve purchased for my own personal use, and thus far it’s been everything that it was advertised to be.  It’ll run you about 70 bucks from Amazon or the pond supply stores, and it runs beautifully, arriving with 3 different fountain heads for different looks.

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The Truth About Pill Bugs

Pill Bug The Truth About Pill Bugs

Photo courtesy of: dospaz

I was out doing some gardening today for birthday girl who was turning 83, when I discovered oodles and oodles of Pill Bugs on a landscaped hillside that I was returning into lawn space. The large ones and the small ones tumbled out of the soil, and went burrowing back in by the dozens, and I realized that I had no idea why they were in the garden in such numbers.  I had no idea what they ate, if they were beneficial, or if they indicated anything in the soil!

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Liquid Fence Deer and Rabbit Repellant Review

drfamily 1024x561 Liquid Fence Deer and Rabbit Repellant Review

This is one product that fulfills it’s promises, and a little bit can go a long way!

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