City Life vs. Suburban Life: Hit-N-Run Ettiquette

Picture 144 City Life vs. Suburban Life: Hit N Run Ettiquette

Lesson#2 For Me:   City People Don’t Know When They’re Being Creepy.

This is an ongoing lesson I’m continually being taught. They don’t know.  They might even mean well. City people just can’t help acting out scenes with you from a 1990′s after school special, and setting off all kinds of alarm bells in former suburban girls.

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How Much Lawn Thatch is Too Much?

grass How Much Lawn Thatch is Too Much?

Thatch is not a bad thing.  Too much thatch is too much of a good thing!

Thatch can be comprised of decomposing lawn clippings and leaves, and old dead growth at the crown of the plants. Thatch in amounts less than a half inch is healthy in a lawn, and can act as an insulating mulch in warm weather, and a feeding ground for microrganisms and worms.  It’s once the thatch becomes deeper than that when the previous list of positive outcomes will work against you.

In deeply thatched lawns grass will die back, and the layers actually inhibit rain and irrigation water from reaching the soil line.  Organisms, diseases, and pests can flourish into unhealthy numbers and damage your entire lawn unless the area is de-thatched with either a thaching rake, or though core aeration.

Over-thatching most often occurs in lawns that are over-treated with chemical fertilizers, mowed irregularly, and those that are older and more established. Some thicker types of grass are also prone to thatching, like Zoysia grass and Kentucky Bluegrass. Some signs of a deeply thatched lawn are lawns that give you a springy or cushioned step when you walk on them, an increase in diseases taking over large areas, and dieback.

To amend a thatching issue take a cavex rake to the lawn in the spring to remove the excess, or core aerate the lawn to promote air and water circulation.

Photo Courtesy of: Zevotron

Effective Methods for Controlling Canadian Geese

Canada Goose Effective Methods for Controlling Canadian Geese

I’ve been involved with managing a humane goose control program on an 100 acre property for about 8 years now, and here are my suggestions for what works A-Z, from simple homemade deterrents to canine control methods.

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Big Bend Border Collies; A Review

bbdoglogo Big Bend Border Collies; A Review

Before many of the Canadian Goose control companies that work solely with Border Collies came onto the radar, my company was in bind over our goose problems and called on Barbara Ray of what was then Seclusival Kennels, and is now Big Bend Border Collies.  We needed a solution to gently remove the federally protected Canadian Geese from our property, and our problem had swelled to flocks of several hundred birds.  With Geese pooping up to a pound per bird per day, and mastering the use of automatic motion sensor doors, our property inside and out was in need of some serious help!

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Easy Step-By-Step Flower Arranging Tips: Make The Perfect Bouquet Every Time!

Flower Arranging Easy Step By Step Flower Arranging Tips: Make The Perfect Bouquet Every Time!

Photo Courtesy of: karpacious

What do Flowers, Scotch Tape, Hand Pruners, and Scissors have in common?  Well, they’re all tools of the trade for Michael Penny, contributor to Canadian House & Home, when he shows you how to create the perfect bouquet every time!

You don’t have to have a degree in floristry to create eye catching displays around the house, and you don’t have to stray from your budget either.  Michael Penny gives brief step-by-step instructions on how to make beautiful bouquets with just the tools and vases you have at home.  Check out his article Flower Arranging 101 for a quick tutorial, and get ready to have killer floral accents around your house no matter the season!

Thanks for sharing Michael, your bouquets look amazing!

How To Get Free Wood Chips for Your Picnic Area

 How To Get Free Wood Chips for Your Picnic Area

Don’t pay for mulch in your backyard picnic area when you can get it for free!

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Coming This Weekend, The Maryland Home and Garden Show!

Maryland Home and Garden Show Coming This Weekend, The Maryland Home and Garden Show!

Attention DC and Maryland!  The fall Home and Garden show is taking place this weekend at the Timonium Fairgrounds, and it’s going to be the place to be!  This show is going to be 150,000 square feet of space jam-packed with home design experts, landscaping companies, and local crafters, selling everything you could need to update your home from the outside in.  There’s even a family friendly balloon garden, where everything from the flowers, shrubs, and plants, to the brightly colored aerial displays are designed entirely from balloons!

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Treegator Drip Irrigation Bags, A Review

gator bag Treegator Drip Irrigation Bags, A ReviewTreegator Logo2 Treegator Drip Irrigation Bags, A Review

These green bags are worth their weight in gold for those of us in the industry, and they are one item that translates well to the homeowner’s arsenal as well. I use the 20 gallon version of this Treegator often on newly planted trees, and they are a great tool to have on hand if you are planning on installing your own landscaping this season.

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My New Hummingbird Feeder

I was motivated by my neighbor’s accidental success in attracting hummingbirds (to the flowering weeds climbing up his drain spout) to purchase my own bright red feeder, and hang it in my living room window.  I happened upon a gift card I’d forgotten about to, and scoured their selection for something appropriate that would fit well on the window hanger I have hanging up there already.

I liked this:

 My New Hummingbird Feeder

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Purple Bulbs At A Beige City House

 Purple Bulbs At A Beige City House

This year I’m adding a few (read 106) bulbs to my front garden box, and walkway landscaping. My bulbs this year are all purple, and all from Costco.  The Hubby and I were shopping for a cart full of pantry staples when I was snared by the bakers racks of bulbs by the bag and had to get one- ok, two. There wasn’t anything fancy or new there, just Daffodils, Crocuses, Tulips, and Narcissus, but they were calling my name anyway.

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