A Drought Tolerant Ornamental Grass and Flower Container Garden

IMG 2693 768x1024 A Drought Tolerant Ornamental Grass and Flower Container Garden

My summer has been incredibly dry and hot with 3 of the last five days in the triple digits, but this container garden is still going strong with 3-4 waterings per week. This planter garden is packed with bright and refreshing colors, and 5 different types of drought hardy plants that fill in the container quickly, and make your thumb look greener than it may actually be.

My Recipe For A 24 Inch Planter:

  • One gallon container of Silver Fountain Grass                                          Perennial
  • One 4 inch ‘Cranberry Ice’ Dianthus                                                             Perennial
  • One 4 inch ‘Desert Raspberry Swirl’ Dianthus                                           Perennial
  • Three 4 inch Yellow Argyranthemums                                                          Annual
  • Three ‘starter’ Dusty Miller Plants                                                                 Perennial


  • Make sure to deadhead the Argyranthumum a few times per week to keep it producing constant blossoms.
  • Trim the Dianthus stems down to the leaf level after the flowers die and close back up.  They will bloom again in waves, but not as quickly as Argyranthemum.
  • Purchase small starter Dusty Miller plants for this container.  Dusty Miller grows quickly and is practically bullet proof, so a small sized plant will fill in a corner of the container perfectly within a month without getting too large, or overshadowing it’s neighbors.
  • Plant this container in full sun or slight shade.  For the best results with this plant combination the more sunlight you give it, the better off you will be, and the more blooms you will have.

Try this planter garden combination this summer, it’s a tough and beautiful way to achieve blooms from late spring through early fall even in the hottest and sunniest locations!

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  1. This is so welcome during this scorching heat wave we on the east coast are suffering through–no rain for a while and a water conservation alert (memories of my LA days past)… everything is wilting. Thanks for posting this!

  2. Hello,
    I glad to know that the plants can remain green even in scorching heat and excessive sunlight. Thanks for giving these tips, these are very much helpful for a garden.

  3. Dianna says:

    I like ornamental grass, easy to grow, hardy, and I love the looks of it.


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    A Drought Tolerant Ornamental Grass and Flower Container Garden ……

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