A Hibiscus and Caladium Container Garden

IMG 27331 A Hibiscus and Caladium Container Garden

This Caladium and Hibiscus garden is great for several reasons, the number one being that this Caladium is sun loving and can thrive in areas that used to burn out a Caladium’s big, bright leaves. Additionally, this combination is the perfect thing for soggy corner areas that seem to promote mold and rot in other plants.

Recipe For This Container Garden:

  • 1 Yellow Hibiscus Tree
  • 3 Red Flash Caladium
  • 3 Rainbow Confetti Lantana

Where To Plant:

  • Plant this container in a bright location in full sun or partial shade.
  • Arrange this grouping in a corner, an area with poor drainage, or moisture issues, since these plants love wet feet and can tolerate humid and moist conditions.
  • Use these plants in a container in your favorite water feature; Caladium and Hibiscus love ponds and boggy areas.

Easy Care:

  • Hibiscus, Lantana and Caladium are all incredibly low maintenance plants. ¬†They need regular watering, and seasonal fertilizer (or a decent potting soil), in order to thrive.
  • Pinch off the spent flowers from the Hibiscus on a weekly basis to keep the tropical blooms coming all summer.
  • Bring the Hibiscus and the Caladium indoors in the winter if you have cold weather.

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