An Embarrassingly Easy Container Design Based on a Ladew Favorite

IMG 2790 768x1024 An Embarrassingly Easy Container Design Based on a Ladew Favorite

The day we became engaged my fiancee and I spent the morning at Ladew Topiary Gardens, and loved every minute of it!  Aside from impressive topiary there were garden bed combinations to take notes on, and containers to photograph.  This one design is so easy to mimic it almost seems like cheating!  Who would have thought that something so simple would be used at such an imposing horticultural hang-out?

You can achieve this look with flowers from the local big box store, or start this design from seed indoors.  Either way you slice it though this is a great go-to classic that would be inexpensive to throw together in a pinch, and look great on your front porch when you entertain guests.

The center purple or red spiked plant is a colored Dracaena Spike.  They can be perennial in places where the temperature doesn’t dip below freezing too often, but look for them to be sold as annuals.

The red flowered Impatients are summer classics, putting up with both heat and the occasional drought relatively well, and thriving in a container garden.  The Impatients would look best with a purple Snapdragon to achieve this look.

Quick.  Easy. Inexpensive. Even the pro’s can appreciate that!

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