Swans In Winter

img 0565 Swans In Winter

Winter weather is heading up the East Coast today, and so like many of those in the Landscaping and Property Management field of work, I am heading in to work to wait out the storm, and make sure that the roads and sidewalks in the area are clear for foot and road traffic throughout the day.

There is a quiet beauty, that always preceeds a big snow storm, so I’m taking the time to enjoy a little of that at the lake by the office, and bringing “Federico and Maria Therese,” two of my Mute Swans, a quick handout to eat before the rest of their food sources get buried in the snow. ┬áMute Swans always look regal, but in the winter weather they look especially beautiful, although I’d imagine in a few hours they will be difficult to see once the snow starts getting underway.

img 0567 Swans In Winter

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  1. Very nice pictures… and regal, as you say. I do take exception to your post though – its hard to call any bottle of wine *unnecessary*… :-)

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