When to Apply Spring Broadleaf Weed Control

Broadleaf Plantain1 When to Apply Spring Broadleaf Weed Control

What are Broadleaf Weeds and How do I Control Them?

Broadleaf Weed Control is usually a liquid application, and one that targets the growth of plants like the Broadleaf Plantain that is shown above, killing it quickly after contact.  This Broadleaf Weed Control is specifically designed to kill weeds like Plantains, Dandelions, Thistles, Wild Violet, Ground Ivy, and the like without impacting the average lawn.  What a Broadleaf weed killer will not kill is grass, or any grassy variety of weed like Quackgrass, Crabgrass, and Goosegrass.

When Do I Apply it?

Apply Broadleaf Weed Control in mid-spring, after many weeds have popped up, or in early spring in tandem with a pre-emergent lawn application, to kill any stragglers that may have already grown too much to be controlled by a pre-emergent.  I recommend using this product in April and May for most regions, but you will know best what month is the best time frame for you by judging when the last frost is, and when you see the most weed growth.

As with all chemicals, follow the measurements and usage requirements on the packaging material to the letter for best results, and in order to prevent any toxic run-off from your lawn into the sewer system, or local water table.  For great results I also recommend calling a local landscape company to apply this for you.  Landscapers are guaranteed to have all the necessary safety and applications equipment, and to have the correct ratios of the product pre-mixed and available.

Photo Courtesy of: Shandchem

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