Big Bend Border Collies; A Review

bbdoglogo Big Bend Border Collies; A Review

Before many of the Canadian Goose control companies that work solely with Border Collies came onto the radar, my company was in bind over our goose problems and called on Barbara Ray of what was then Seclusival Kennels, and is now Big Bend Border Collies.  We needed a solution to gently remove the federally protected Canadian Geese from our property, and our problem had swelled to flocks of several hundred birds.  With Geese pooping up to a pound per bird per day, and mastering the use of automatic motion sensor doors, our property inside and out was in need of some serious help!

Barbara Ray had already bred and trained national champion Border Collies when we bought our dog, and she continues today to be one of the most awarded participants, and sought after judges in the world of herding.  Barbara began by training her dogs to learn herding skills on sheep as she always had, and then trained selected dogs to apply the same principles to herd unwanted Canadian Geese right off the corporate properties, golf courses, and airstrips they were causing problems. Her methods are humane and approved by The USDA Wildlife Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service, P.E.T.A., and the Humane Society.  I have never met with Barbara in person, but I’ve conversed with her over the phone when I had questions and wanted her opinion, and she has remained a valuable and incredibly positive resource over the years.

Barbara provides detailed consultation prior to the purchase of a dog to ensure that the purchase of a goose dog is the right fit for a company, and to better match her individual dogs with a site.  She can provide additional training for the dogs to prepare them better for their unique corporate situation. Each of her dogs comes with a lifetime guarantee, unlimited future advice over the phone, and the offer of refresher training if the dog and handler need to polish their skills down the road. She personally delivers many of her dogs (depending on the location), and offers a demonstration on site to show what her dogs can do.  Her Border Collies are trained in goose herding and obedience, often excelling at livestock herding as well.  As part of the care package, each dog comes with a leash, collar, instructional video showing the dog at work, and a package of materials including lists of commands and what they mean, preferred food, and trouble shooting help.

What many people don’t know is that Barbara Ray actually provided the company “Geese Police” with their first dogs when they were still just a fledgling company, and they are now a nationwide business that specializes in Canadian Goose removal by contract.

If you are in the market for a privately owned goose control dog for your personal or corporate property then she is the person you need to call first. Barbara Ray is the best in her field at what she does!  Her dogs perform exceptionally in the field, and make valuable pets at the end of a long day.  Her record of 25 years of experience, and excellent customer service are enough for me to recommend her.

If my Border Collie is any example of the rest of her dogs, then she raises some of the most phenomenally intelligent and responsive dogs I’ve ever seen, and I say that as a former employee of a top notch kennel and dog breeding program, and 8 year handler of one of her dogs.

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