Build A Cold Frame For Winter Vegetables

IMG 2496 Build A Cold Frame For Winter Vegetables

Now is the perfect time to build your own cold frame greenhouse for the cold weather months, so you can grow your own veggies and salad green thoughout most of the year.  You don’t need a lot of know how, or space to create your own greenhouse in, and you can create a simple cold frame from treated lumber, or plywood from you local home improvement store.  Plans for a winter cold frame house to grow salad greens and veggies can be as simple as this plan below. 

 Dimensions For a Simple DIY Cold Frame:

Create a frame 4 feet long, by 2 ½ feet deep, and gradually increase the height of the sides of the frame from1 foot tall in the front, to 1 ½ feet tall near the rear wall.  Hinge a window, or framed piece of glass over the top of the cold frame box to trap in heat, and seal out frost.  For added benefit in cold winter weather, cut thin Styrofoam pieces of insulation into wall liners to help trap the warmth of the sunlight.

Tips For Cold Frame Success:

  • Prop the window open when temperatures outdoors are 70 degrees or higher.
  • Face your cold frame toward the south for the best winter light.
  • For the best moisture control, plant your box in an area of good drainage to prevent rot.
  • Set the frame 2-3 inches below the soil line in the yard to help trap in the sunlight’s heat around the roots of your plants. Then once the sun set in the colder months, the radian heat from the soil will keep your veggies warmer through the night.

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