Dobsonflies and Statement Pieces

DSC 0374 2 805x1024 Dobsonflies and Statement Pieces

Letting my dog out for her morning small business development, I noticed something large and buggy moving around in the grass near the pup’s favorite spot. It was big, had it’s tusks and antennae tangled up in the grass, and was no less than 4-5 inches long.  Yeah verily it was another Dobsonfly – a bug I was never aware of until a couple years ago when one crashed an evening BBQ, and sent the whole group of us into hiding, or lacrosse stick swinging terror!  I live close enough to the Chesapeake Bay, and Baltimore Harbor apparently to attract these love struck creepos in their brief winged adult stage as they search for mates.  Lucky me!

I won’t lie, I find Dobsonflies fascinating when they, like this one, are stuck on something and incapable of charging at me.  Should this one have flown at me I am fairly certain people would have been able to hear the squeal through their internet connection whether they read GG or not.  This male was probably on it’s last legs, since they only live a week after they gain flight.  It definitely had enough spit and vinegar left in it to lean back and clack it’s tusk-y mandibles at my dog when she leaned over it, play bowed, and kicked it, in the hopes of a good game of chase. Luckily at the time it didn’t choose to nail me with foul smelling spray it can shoot out it’s back end when it feels threatened.  Anything like that would have nailed me right in the chops, and I have no idea where to look on the internet for a “how to” article on safely cleaning anal spray out of the nooks and crannies of your husband’s Nikon camera.

DSC 0371 2 1024x682 Dobsonflies and Statement Pieces

It would be hard to explain to him later for sure.  Something else I have to imagine that is hard to explain to your husband is this!  The same morning I discovered the Dobsonfly, I decided to check out Yahoo’s photo gallery from Ladies Day at the Ascot horse race in England, and found THIS hat parading around!  What is THAT!

photo 1308266047947 1 0 Dobsonflies and Statement PiecesPhoto Credit: Carl de Souza, and Yahoo News

This is why I will never be rich.  Not because I would refuse to don such a creation, but because I will never be the kind of out-of-the-box creature who thinks of bedazzling giant faux Dobsonflies, nestling them on top of high fashion haberdashery, and selling them for big bucks to ladies of culture.

Why God.  Just why.

Wild Phlox Photos

IMG 2704 768x1024 Wild Phlox Photos

One of my favorite wildflowers are the Wild Phlox that grow on the edges of woodlands in Maryland.  I’ve found it impossible to resist picking bundles of the fragrant flower while I walk my dog on the Gwynns Falls Trail here in Baltimore.

DSC 0116 2 Wild Phlox Photos
Wild Phlox are so airy and delicate.  They make a great filler for my kitchen bouquets when the roses run their course, and the Carnations need company in the vase.


DSC 01141 Wild Phlox Photos

They’re just one of the simple pleasures in life, free wildflowers for the picking.

Black Swallowtail Caterpillar

DSC 0213 2 1024x680 Black Swallowtail Caterpillar

I discovered some munch marks on my Sage today, and went in search of the culprit. I didn’t have far to look, he was still in the herb patch!

DSC 0211 2 1024x787 Black Swallowtail Caterpillar

This is the first year I’ve grown Parsley, so I have no idea how this Black Swallowtail Butterfly Caterpillar found me.

DSC 0208 1024x680 Black Swallowtail Caterpillar

But he did find me, and there’s no way I’m squishing him.  He’s just that cool, and I’m just that happy to have something so potentially beautiful growing in my city neighborhood.

DSC 02081 1024x680 Black Swallowtail Caterpillar

You are one lucky bug.

So I guess it’s time to drop in a few more Parsley seeds in the herb garden to keep my cooking stash plentiful.

Here’s hoping I get a pretty butterfly out of it!

The Untimely Demise Of My Neighbor’s Microwave.

Raccoon in Storage The Untimely Demise Of My Neighbors Microwave.

Most stories in my neighborhood don’t involve three feet of snow, rapid gunfire, and raccoons, but this one does.

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“Women’s Work” Paintings

Screen shot 2010 12 23 at 10 29 34 PM1 293x300 Womens Work Paintings

Girls are made up of sugar and spice no more, and these ‘Do It Yourself’ canvas mavens are ready to take care of business with or without help! [Read more...]

Stealing Shotgun

I left my golf cart unattended today and returned to find this waiting for me on the shotgun side.

Swan from behind Stealing Shotgun



Just so we’re clear, this is what belongs on the passenger floorboard of my golf cart – one 60 pound Border Collie.  He comes, he works, he bums cookies, he eats goose poop, he goes home.

Leck on Golf Cart Stealing Shotgun


Again, this is not what belongs on my golf cart. This is what shows up sitting on my floorboard when a he decides to wait me out where he will be sure not to miss me – or the cracked corn he’s sure I carry on my person at all times.

Ignition Swan Stealing Shotgun

This also has me  worried.  This guy and his mate are escape artists.  Is he really just playing with the shiny keys, or trying to learn how to flip the ignition switch?

God help us all.

The Creepy And Crawly In My Yard This Halloween Weekend

IMG 2747 1024x768 The  Creepy And Crawly In My Yard This Halloween Weekend

Halloween is a celebration of the macabre and mischevious, and I’ve got a little of both of those in my yard this weekend!

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The Garden Battles of Six Year Old Boys

Ewoks vs. Mantis1 e1288141525283 The Garden Battles of Six Year Old Boys

I was watching my two six year old nephews for a few days while my sister was celebrating her anniversary, and I decided to get a little gardening done in the yard while the boys played with their Star Wars figures around me.

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The Maryland Home and Garden Show Highlights

homeandgardenshow thumb 375xauto 8637 The Maryland Home and Garden Show Highlights

I was invited to check out the Maryland Home and Garden Show, and it was every bit as huge as advertised.  The Fall Home and Garden Show show will continue to travel around the country, so it will be popping up in a town near you soon! In the mean time though, here are my photo highlights of some of the best crafting booths.

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City Life vs. Suburban Life: Hit-N-Run Ettiquette

Picture 144 City Life vs. Suburban Life: Hit N Run Ettiquette

Lesson#2 For Me:   City People Don’t Know When They’re Being Creepy.

This is an ongoing lesson I’m continually being taught. They don’t know.  They might even mean well. City people just can’t help acting out scenes with you from a 1990′s after school special, and setting off all kinds of alarm bells in former suburban girls.

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