Inverted Bell Water Feature

Woodfired Bellurn 04 Inverted Bell Water Feature

I love water features!  Have I mentioned that?  What’s that?  Too many times?  Well, cover your eyes land-lovers, cause here comes another one!

Take a look at this inverted Bell urn.  Not only does it look mottled and textured, like a historic artifact, which I love, but it also is a really creative use of a bell shape.  I could see this in an all American yard (a-la-liberty bell) near Shasta Daisies, or worked into a more Japanese or Tibetan theme.  This would look beautiful surrounded by formal topiary and pea gravel, or hugged on one side by Russian Sage, and presiding over Hen and Chicks.  Where would this water feature not look good!

What a beauty. This goes on my list as a great low maintenance water feature. Check out the website through the link above, and purchase the tubing and pumps at your local garden center to save a little dough.

Your Thoughts:

What creative water gardens have you seen?  What shapes are your favorite?

Indestructible Rubber Planter

Rubber tubplanter 02 Indestructible Rubber Planter

I have friends.  Friends with sons.  Little sons in fact.  And these boys are some of my favorite people to spend time with.  I also like spending time with their mothers, and I’ve picked up on the fact that while little boys are endless sources of entertainment, and energy, they also could maim re-bar without even trying.  So it is for these mothers of sons I’ve found this surprisingly classy, but, most importantly, indestructible, recycled rubber vases for the home.  They’re shiny,  their waterproof, and these vases are reputed to be the height of modern chic – they just so happen to be made of recycled rubber tires, and indestructible!

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Wind Chimes for Japanese Gardens

I have some friends who have lived in Japan, or gone to teach school in Japan in the past, and for them, reminders of the tranquility of a Japanese garden are very pleasant reminders of the time they spent there.  So for those friends, and anyone else with a Japanese themed garden, these are some beautiful cast iron chimes I’ve found that will help bring a little of the authenticity of a Japanese garden to your patio.  Enjoy!

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Hound Dog Cultivator Review

30fc2337 d641 45a8 b2be 31d418f3dccd 400 Hound Dog Cultivator Review

There are a few garden tools that can help you complete several types of garden tasks without really breaking a sweat, and this tool is an easily found workhorse that will fill just such a void.

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A Goldfish Wind Chime Straight from Japan

large 53 6046 lg A Goldfish Wind Chime Straight from Japan

I am a lover of all things ‘water garden,’ so when I found this Japanese cast-iron wind chime in the shape of a Goldfish and baby I thought it was really special!  I love the shape and color of it, and when the glazing catches the sunlight this chime really sparkles and has depth.

This wind chime costs $19.50, plus the time and material it takes to hang it up somewhere, so it’s not a big purchase, and it would probably make a great gift.  I think this fish chime is a really pretty and unique design, and it’s a break from the norm in garden decor.

For Kids: Rearing Praying Mantis Young For Your Yard

5170 200B For Kids: Rearing Praying Mantis Young For Your Yard 5170 200 For Kids: Rearing Praying Mantis Young For Your Yard

If you’ve ever been curious about Praying Mantids and want to begin importing some to your yard, or if you just want to teach your child about the life cycle of insects, this is a great find!  These Praying Mantis Pagoda‘s come with a viable egg case which can be safely kept in the house to hatch your own Mantis young.  Simply follow the directions, and wait for the young to hatch, all within view!   The juveniles need to be placed outdoors soon after hatching to prevent cannibalism (one or two days after hatching) and make great assets in the garden as pest hunters extraordinaire.

The Pagoda and egg case set together cost 20 dollars, and are available in a set only from January through March. In cold climates where temperatures do not rise above 50 degrees regularly until March or April, make sure to order your case in the month of March to give your insects the best chance of survival when you move them outdoors. Mantids in the wild don’t wake up from hibernation to hatch until warmer weather, timed perfectly for when their food supply comes out. Frosty weather may kill any young placed out too early, so take care to set your Praying Mantis’ up for success outdoors.

Check it out online!

(Another great use for this pagoda is as a temporary way-station for those summer lightening bugs, and it can collapse flat for easy storage in between!)

101 Flower Arrangements; A Review

51EDZ54BABL. SS500  101 Flower Arrangements; A Review

Chase away your winter blues permanently this year by filling your home with creative arrangements made by you!  This beautifully illustrated resource and coffee table book is a must have for the DIY decorator.

101 Flower Arrangements: Stylish Home Ideas 101 Flower Arrangements; A Review is filled with creative ideas, step-by-step instructions, and lists of online floral suppliers. This book strives to teach you the basics of floral design, and then build your confidence in creating looks that are personal to you.

Whether you are ready to take on new and exciting plants, or just want to make the most of the flower bundles from Trader Joes, this book will teach you how to arrange beyond the vase.

Pick it up and Enjoy.

Gifts for Gardeners

Gifts 2 Gifts for GardenersLooking for more ideas for yourself, or a gardenista in your life?  Check these sweet gift ideas out!

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2010 Gifts For Gardeners


Gifts1 2010 Gifts For Gardeners

The official gift giving season is upon us, but with birthdays, anniversaries, and the occasional need for appologies that include gift wrap, it helps to have a couple ideas on hand that will go over well with the gardener in your life.  Whether it is a gift for yourself or for a friend, here are a few great gifting suggestions for garden lovers!

  1. modern birdhouse from Oryx and Crake Design, is a break from the ordinary with it’s modern and open design! The house is constructed from weather treated bamboo, and runs about 95 dollars.  They look great hanging indoors or out, or can be attached directly to a tree for  feathered tenants.
  2. This watering can that will look great sitting next to your containers!  The 7.5 liter watering can is constructed from recycled plastics, available in green or black and is created by designer Pascal Charmolu.  The quantities sell out quickly with this model due to its popularity and are available off an on, so check back in if they are sold out this week.
  3. Grocery Gardening: Planting, Preparing and Preserving Fresh Food 2010 Gifts For Gardeners is a great read that helps you get more out of your vegetable garden, and provides time tested tips from three authors and garden bloggers to help you grow your own fruits and veggies! It’ll run you about
  4. These upsidown hanging planters from Mudpuppy run about 32 dollars per pair, and are a great architectural way to expand your growing space, and create an eye catching statement all at one time. The pots come gift wrapped, and look great indoors or out!  Pop an air plant in them for a no maintenance focal piece.
  5. Everyone likes a cute front porch bell, and this one from ETSY is homey and welcoming. Each bell come gift wrapped in decorative box tied with twine, and is giveaway ready!  These puppies looks folksy dangling below your favorite hanging basket or tree and catching the breese year round. Dog bells are hand made from high fire stone clayware, and are only made in limited quantities, so act fast if you want to round one of these guys up as a stocking stuffer!
  6. Chicken keeping is sweeping the nation, but when the average chicken tractor doesn’t get you excited, this charming modern coop will do just that!  This coop is created from reclaimed cedar, and can be shipped fully assembled to any place in the US and Canada for $750 plus shipping, or for a little less than 50 bucks you can purchase the blueprints, and build your own.  This coop makes a very popular gift for the small scale chicken enthusiast, and will look great in any back yard. Check it out!

I love this ecclectic selection of gardener friendly gifts, and I’ll be posting more great ideas on Wednesday of this week to help you get a jump on you holiday shopping! 

Until then, happy gardening!

Gifting “Easy Arrangers” For The Holidays, and DIY Weddings

Easy Arranger Dangles.jpg Gifting “Easy Arrangers” For The Holidays, and DIY Weddings

I discovered this cute little accessory online the other day that makes a great gift, or can just help you make quicker floral arrangements when you have company coming over.  “Easy Arrangers” are a simple tool to help create the perfect bouquet arrangement every time, and hold the stems in place with a decorative metal mesh.  The beads and mesh rest over the top [Read more...]