Container Garden #004: Topsy Turvy Container Idea

clayplanter5 225x300 Container Garden #004: Topsy Turvy Container IdeaKudos to the Gardens and Crafts website for their creative container idea the “Tipsy Pots“!  Always looking for new inspiration in container gardening, this charming planter idea is one I will have to try for myself this fall!  Perfect for displaying fall annuals, or keeping herbs up and out of the way of animals, this cute display is sure to charm your neighbors, and create a whimsical focal point in whatever section of the garden you choose to put it in.

Head over to to see step by step instructions on how to create this pot for yourself.  I’ll be putting photos up this fall to show my own variation of this planter design.

Special thanks to Ethan over at One Project Closer for sending me this link and giving me this great idea! I’ll post some pictures and a review of it when I do get around to playing with it!

Your Thoughts: Have you tried experimenting with container structures to enhance your garden, or do you prefer the clean lines of traditional container uses? Would you try the “tipsy pot” design?

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  1. Krys says:

    I would definitely be interested in trying the tipsy pot design. I’m always interested in a non-traditional presentation. I would, however, want reassurance that watering the pots would not be a problem — it would seem to me that surface run-off due to the angle of inclination could pose a bit of a problem.


  2. admin says:


    I’ll let you know what I discover when it comes to watering these pots. It may be that a little creative thinking will be needed to cheat gravity, and provide deep root watering. Off the top of my head though, I would imagine that a little inexpensive plastic tubing (from Home Depot) buried in the pot up to the surface line of the dirt, could provide a barely visible deep watering system that would do the job admirably, and keep the dirt where you want it. I may try that idea myself when I build mine!

  3. Sheila says:

    I really love this idea. Unfortunately, I live on the second floor of an apartment complex, and can’t drive rebar into my balcony. :D I did start a little garden right outside my (and my downstairs neighbor’s) door, so maybe I’ll try doing this out there.

    Do you have any creative ideas for those of us with no yard and limited floor space?

    Thanks for posting such an interesting idea!


  4. Amy says:


    The first terra cotta idea that comes to mind just for structural interest is this, take a large terra cotta pot (think 24 inches) and fill as usual, then buy two terra cotta pots of the same size (8-10 inches) and place one upside down in the middle of the larger pot, and take the last one and place it right side up on top of the upended one, and fill with soil. I’ve used this idea to add character to brick wall corners, and filled the pots with simple seasonal flowers like pansies, or impatients, and recieved lots of comments. It’s a simple way to try something new with your containers.

    In the interest of getting your security deposit back, I’ll help you find some more good container garden ideas. But before I get a few more ideas published, check out my container garden section, and my friend Fern’s blog about getting the most out of balcony gardening, she’s got great ideas, and really targets small space gardening, I have a link to her on the left at LIfe On The Balcony. Happy gardening, and thanks for commenting!


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