‘Dogipot Pet Stations,’ A Review

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Dog poop isn’t exactly a polite subject to talk about, but for park and property managers like myself it’s unfortunately a problem that needs discussion, and careful supervision over.

Wherever the human population is booming there are by default a large number of pets as well. While much of the population can be trusted to clean up after their pets and provide their own waste removal bags, many owners are not as fastidious, and the nearby community or a land manager may need to step in to provide a better option. Dog waste, both urine and poop, can do damage to a lawn or garden,and large amounts of regular “visitations” can cause damage all the way through the soil, causing costly repairs.

Finding solutions for pet waste disposal can be as simple as providing a trash can, as long as owners are responsible enough to clean up their own pet’s droppings. But for areas with a lot of human traffic or picnics, the best solutions is to have a separate container with a lid to keep animal waste, and it’s odor away from park or community visitors. For areas in which dog owners are not curbing their dogs, or need encouragement to bag the waste, an all inclusive disposal system is necessary to change the behavior of the owners.

Parks, neighborhood associations, and private communities all need discrete ways to curb the amount of pet waste near areas that see large amounts of human activity. I’ve found Dogipot Pet Stations to be the perfect solution to pet waste issues, particularly with their 100% biodegradable dog clean-up bags. The easy to use bag dispensers, and eye catching signs on the pots attract dog owners, and the hunter green paint coating the unit keeps the clean-up station from standing out too much in the landscape.

What Is It?

A Dogipot is a pet waste kit containing a disposal pot, post, signage, and rolls of 100% biodegradable pet poo disposal bags. It is designed to be an all inclusive pet station, where dog owners may dispose of waste bags, and collect more for the next day.

How It’s Designed:

The bag dispenser and can lid are designed to block rain water from the poo bag dispenser and trash can, and to trap in odor.  The bag dispenser is lockable, to prevent the boxes of rolls from wandering off or falling out, and holds two boxed rolls of 200 bags per roll. Aluminum signage, and all the materials needed to attach them to the pole are provided in the kit, and the disposal pot mounts easily underneath. To keep the trash can liner in place and clean for users, there are two bolted half-circle arms inside the can to hold the trash can liner bag in place.

Base stands are included in the package, and the Dogipot can be used as a stand alone unit, or anchored into concrete. For installation in the lawn, the post may take some work to put into the ground. It is larger around than the opening on the average post driver, and needs to be driven into the ground using something else.

Why I Give Dogipot Stations A Favorable Review:

I began a test pilot program on Dogipot Stations 3 years ago on a 70 acre property that had at least 50 large trash cans distributed across the landscaping.  Regardless of the number of disposal cans on the property I still found dog droppings lightly scattered across the property grounds. Another issue I had was that in residential areas, owners were picking up the poop in tissues, and depositing them in trash cans immediately near an interior door of a building, causing strong odors to permeate the lobbies.  The best solutions from a disease, smell, and encouragement perspective, was to place dog-specific containers at various locations, and to provide disposal bags as a free service.

What I saw when I began to use Dogipots was a 25% reduction in the amount of dog poop left in the lawn.  I have had fewer issues with urine-burned grass, since most dog owners walk their dog in the direction of one of the stations to retrieve free poop bags, and as a result both the urine damage and the feces problems have been almost entirely alleviated.  Since the installation over three years ago I have received nothing but positive feedback from my clients, and most dog owners and property managers appreciate the biodegradible nature of the disposal bags as well.

I highly reccommend these dog clean up stations for home owners associations, park managers, and property managers.

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