Why Don’t Ornamental Cherry Trees Produce Fruit?

IMG 2461 1024x768 Why Don’t Ornamental Cherry Trees Produce Fruit?

There are two types of Cherry Trees, one type is bred for its beautiful blossoms (sakura) and the other for its fruit (sakuranbo). If you look closely, you will notice that the cherry trees with beautiful blossoms do have tiny cherries, they are the small and inedible remnants of the ornamental Cherry Tree’s past as the fruiting Cherry.

Unlike the fruiting variety, the Ornamental Cherry Tree is a human bred cultivar.  Historical records indicate that the Japanese nobility began a practice of sharing meals, and hosting picnics under blooming Cherry trees around the 700s AD, and as Cherry Trees because synonymous with hospitality, relaxation, and leisure, they were bred and adapted into more showy varieties for the home and garden.  Now many many generations later we have several different colors and varieties of trees bred only for their beauty, who provide gorgeous displays of blooms each spring even though they have lost their ability over the years to produce their own fruit.

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