Gifting “Easy Arrangers” For The Holidays, and DIY Weddings

Easy Arranger Dangles.jpg Gifting “Easy Arrangers” For The Holidays, and DIY Weddings

I discovered this cute little accessory online the other day that makes a great gift, or can just help you make quicker floral arrangements when you have company coming over.  “Easy Arrangers” are a simple tool to help create the perfect bouquet arrangement every time, and hold the stems in place with a decorative metal mesh.  The beads and mesh rest over the top of a vase, and keep flowers lifted and ordered to look their best no matter what.

They run about 2 to 3 bucks, and make cute gifts for the flower and garden lover! You could even use them to create polished centerpieces for a DIY wedding, or gift a few to a bride to be for her  bridal shower. Easy Arrangers comes in six different sizes and shapes to fit a variety of vases, so there will always be a perfect fit for your favorite vase, and they can be purchased with or without dangling beads shown above depending on your taste.

You can’t beat the price, and you’ll use them again and again, so check ‘em out!  I think they are a great idea for last minute decorating on the cheap.

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