Enchanting Woodland Birdhouses; A Book Review

Enchanting Woodland Birdhouses Enchanting Woodland Birdhouses; A Book Review

Crafty moods happen, at least to me, and when they come I make a beeline to the nearest DIY book section and start my hunt.  Lucinda Claire Macy’s book Enchanting Woodland Birdhouses Enchanting Woodland Birdhouses; A Book Review is a book for crafters interested in theme specific, storybook style birdhouses.  The book details complete instructions on how to build multiple unique style houses that are beautiful, functional, and one of a kind.

The Breakdown:

The key to a having a successful How-To book lies in it’s ease of use, from its flow when reading to the simplicity of instruction. Lucinda breaks down into simple steps some occasionally difficult woodworking skills.  She provides instruction for not only experienced craft builders, but also suggestions and alternatives for the less experienced.  Her step by step plans help you create and exact replica of what is pictured in the book (from birdhouses to toad houses), and all of her designs are built to the Audubon Societies standards for functional and bird specific housing.  A few coats of a sealant (which can be forgone for the garden purist) post-production will give you a weather proof birdhouse that is 100% homemade and bird ready!

I recommend this book for several reasons, firstly its a great DIY crafters book, secondly it gives you designs and instructions you won’t find anywhere else, and thirdly the final product is actually functional in a real wildlife setting.  These three traits found together make a great book, and this one is particularly popular with the home woodworker.

If you are looking for a birdhouse building book with straightforward plans and storybook charm, this is the book for you!

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