Five Uses For: Coffee Grounds

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If you’re like me, the coming of spring and warm temperatures has zero say on your ability to consume coffee, but here are five ways you may not have thought of to dispose of the leftover grounds while putting them to good use.  

  1. Shake coffee grounds around Roses, Cactus, Rhododendrons, and Camellias in place of a seasonal fertilizer and plant food for beautiful blooms on a budget. 
  2. Toss the grounds around in your lawn in the bald spots in place of fertilizer, and watch the grass recover and patch itself back up. 
  3. Brew something up that worms can’t resist, and catch your own live bait for fishing trips.  Coffee grounds make excellent worm food in your composting areas, but you can scatter the grounds in open areas, or around the edges of your lawn to trick worms into braving the open air. 
  4. Create an ant proof barrier under a door or outside a window sill with a line of coffee grounds.  Ants do not like the smell of coffee, and can be trained from using cracks in your foundation, window sills, and doorways as entrances with liberally sprinkled grounds at their point of entry. 
  5. Beat the Spring snow with coffee grounds sprinkled over steps, and decking to encourage quick melting, and give traction in slippery areas.  Ground coffee is a great safe alternative to commercial ice melt products that can harm your wooded structures, and plants.
Your Thoughts:  There are dozens more ways to get added mileage from your coffee grounds, what do you use yours for?
Photo courtesy of D’Arcy Norman

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  1. I didn’t know cacti liked coffee grounds. Good to know!

  2. Amy says:


    I have heard they are also beneficial with Euonymous plants, so that’s worth trying if you have any of those as well.

  3. Les says:

    Hello, went to your site about catus and coffee grounds. You understand men, if a little helps, then a lot has to be better. So a little wisdom on your part pls , how much, how often, and how does it help?

    Also the catus is with us full time in our RV. We have a paddle of the catus.

    Thank u for your time .

    Les & Carin


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