The Garden Battles of Six Year Old Boys

Ewoks vs. Mantis1 e1288141525283 The Garden Battles of Six Year Old Boys

I was watching my two six year old nephews for a few days while my sister was celebrating her anniversary, and I decided to get a little gardening done in the yard while the boys played with their Star Wars figures around me.

Now when I’m gardening alone it’s generally a quiet activity.  I like to do things when I’m gardening like over analyse where I’ve placed everything, and plan what new plants I can sneak into the beds to better pack up the open spaces. It’s boring, self-contained, and completely enjoyable.  When I’m gardening with six year old boys it’s not quiet, and far more entertaining!

Over the course of the morning with my nephew’s grubs were collected, arranged by tribe, squished and tallied as a means of assessing which boy could be titled “King of the Grubs.” Wars were waged between Ewoks and Praying Mantis kind, and soaker hoses were transformed into imaginary rivers of death for Jedi warriors! Weed were pulled, dirt was absorbed, and black beetles were sacrificed and attempted to be force fed to the conquering Mantis Queen.

I loved every minute of their company outside, and still managed to get my bulbs planted in between the skirmishes, but I’m left with two pressing questions.  When did I suddenly grow old enough to have 6 year old nephews, and how is it possible that I’ve ever enjoyed gardening without them and half of the Rebel Fleet?

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  1. Diane says:

    you have a humorous and enjoyable personality when in your garden and I’ve enjoyed reading your stories.

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