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Gifts 2 Gifts for GardenersLooking for more ideas for yourself, or a gardenista in your life?  Check these sweet gift ideas out!

Who doesn’t like getting a surprise in the mail every so often? Magazine subscriptions are more popular than ever, and Organic Gardening (2-year) Gifts for Gardeners is a wildly successful magazine stuffed full of tips, stories, recipes, and glossy photos sure to encourage the gardener in your life no matter their region!  One magazine subscription will run you about 23 dollars, and includes 12 issues sent out over 24 months. Check it out, Organic Gardening looks great on the coffee table when guests come over, and makes an easy-peasy stocking stuffer!

Sometimes gardeners get sick of the same old same old when it comes to our containers.  Enter the modern stem planters!  These sleek new shapes from Wallter Designs come in three styles, and are a great eye-catching way to spice up your patio area.  Ready to work indoors or out, these planters run about 92 dollars, and take your container designs to the next level!

Indoor plants aren’t just additions to a gardeners home, they’re accents, and coordinated round  Campy Planters will compliment a variety of styles and decorative palettes! These planters look good in clusters filled with succulents and cactus, or kept in the kitchen window for near-at-hand herbs! They run about 72 dollars.

Stocking stuffers should really include more knives right?  Ok, maybe not. This rather wicked looking blade isn’t actually the weapon it looks like from afar, and is actually the multi-use tool known as a Hori Hori knife. I recommend this tool for any and all gardeners!  A Joshua Roth 1515 Japanese Hori Hori Garden Landscaping Digging Tool With Carbon Steel Blade & Sheath Gifts for Gardeners is great in place of a trowel or bulb planter, and makes quick work of trimming root systems, cutting back vines, opening bags of mulch and many more common garden tasks. They fit easily in a back pocket or garden caddy, and run about 25 dollars.

Ah, tchotchkes! We all love them when used well in a decorating scheme, and this classy ceramic Bluebird is a brilliant classic that will look great on a desk, or a mantle.  These birds make a great gift for a wildlife gardener, or anyone with a classic or french provincial decorating theme.  They are each hand made by the popular Etsy artist “Mud Puppy,” and run 32 dollars each!

Know someone eager to begin raising chickens but who isn’t ready to build or install a weighty chicken tractor? Surprise them with this Eglu starter kit which includes everything from the house and run to food bowls and two friendly chickens! Eglu’s originated in Europe years ago, and became an overnight sensation with urban and suburban gardeners.  This is one gift you will want to get permission to buy ahead of time to prevent problems with the local community, or bi-laws, but for the chicken lover or amateur keeper this easy maintenance chicken coop system is guaranteed to please!  Eglu kits begin around 455 dollars, and brings you into Eglu community of chicken lovers to help you along, and provide support, literature, and encouragement through the rearing process.  These easily cleaned, all-season homes are a great way to begin raising backyard chickens!

I hope these suggestions help you find the perfect gift for the gardener in your life!  Happy Shopping!

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