Giveaway: Free Garden Art

DSC 0021 1024x680 Giveaway: Free Garden Art

Who could say no to this cute little face, and what’s more, why would you want to?  Because he’s free!  He is my gift to you for reading along, or just stopping in for the day.  I appreciate your comments, and your feedback, and it’s time I gave you back something you can appreciate as well!

This cheerful little crow stands four feet tall when he is on his perch, and rocks back and forth in the breeze as the counter weight below him glides forward and back.  He is crafted and sealed to last year round in the garden, and will be sent to you in four easily attached pieces, which also makes him easy to store if you want to bring him in over the winter! Once he is assembled he will stand about 3 1/2 feet tall in your garden after he is inserted in the ground

DSC 0028 680x1024 Giveaway: Free Garden Art

This little guy comes from Think Silk, a floral and craft boutique in Lititz, PA. that specialized in various floral arrangements, as well as indoor and outdoor ceramic and art for the home and garden.

So, if you’ve got a hankerin’ for some cute garden art in your yard, or just want something seasonal to add to your favorite container garden, leave a comment below to win!  I’ll be choosing a winner at random on Monday, October 25th.

Good Luck, and Happy Gardening!

* Get ready next month for another great garden giveaway!*

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  1. Consider myself entered!

  2. EMMA L HORTON says:


  3. Tari L. says:

    He is adorable. I would love to put him in my garden.

  4. Margaret Smith says:

    This statue is so adorable. I love handmade items. This one is so unique. Thanks so much for this giveaway.

  5. Vicky Boackle says:

    This would really stand out in my yard.It is the cutest.

  6. Adrianna Witzman says:

    Cute, sign me up!

  7. Laura Harrison says:

    Think Silk is a cool site. I love the peacock yard decor. Winning this giveaway would certainly be something to CROW about. Thanks. :-)

  8. Dawn Horns says:

    This would be great in my garden.

  9. Monika Iszard says:

    Its cute-No home is complete without one.I want it.

  10. Christine says:

    I love this little guy, he is adorable! And I have many gardens for him to choose from :) Thank you!

  11. Deborah R says:

    Just the picture of this sculpture made me smile – I hope I can give him a home in one of our gardens! Thanks for the chance!

  12. Linda Lansford says:

    He is just to cute

  13. Christine says:

    so adorable

  14. Kimberly says:

    This is much cuter than the real crows around here. Thanks for sharing!
    kirbycolby at gmail dot com

  15. paintergal says:

    Adorable! Enter me, please.

  16. Tom M says:

    How cute! Would look great in our rock garden!

  17. Dirt Gently says:

    That’s one impressive bird. I hope I win!

  18. Aisling says:

    That’s got to be the cutest crow I’ve ever seen – and he really belongs in my garden.

  19. meemsnyc says:

    What a cool looking crow! Nice!!

  20. Tonya Dean says:

    So cute! He would fit in my garden perfectly.

  21. Lucy Schwartz says:

    I love quirky lawn ornaments. One year after a vacation in Northern Michigan, I found a wooly fabric skunk. It certainly turned heads when I had it in my front yard!

  22. Mary hall says:

    I need someone to watch over my garden in the spring and he would be perfect!

  23. Judy Woodruff says:

    He is so darn adorable. I have a perfect spot for him. THANK YOU

  24. Elaine Burkitt says:

    So cute. And so thoughtful of you to do this. To the skunk comment above – looked out last night and nicely chased off a baby possum only later to have a huge, fluffy skunk raid the cat dish. Its tail had gray all through the white and its white stripes were realy wide. Pretty in a skunk way but I still rattled the storm door to invite it to leave. Have a blessed day fellow gardeners.

  25. DeeAnn S says:

    What a neat addition to my garden! I’d love to have this crow ornament. Thanks.

  26. Karen M says:

    I know the perfect spot in my yard for this silly rascal. Thanks for the giveaway.

  27. Norma McVIcker says:

    Cute and scary at the same time. My 4 grandchildren would enjoy interacting with he or she!!

  28. Johannah B says:

    I can’t believe you are giving him up…. hope you got one for yourself! One Project Closer sent me over to see and I do like this piece. I feed a family of crows every day (momma and 2 little ones that aren’t so little anymore)… they usually are waiting for me, but if I CAW…. they caw back, and usually are there within a minute. If I forget to put something out for them (and it’s usually leftovers) they let me know by cawwing. I know they know who I am and on occassion, since I also talk to them, it seems like they are trying to make conversation with me. Likely it’s “can’t you get that food out any faster”… smile. and Thanks!

  29. Tammy C says:

    Too darn cute! I hope I win! Thank you!!!

  30. Mike Whaley says:

    Very nice piece……thanks for the chance to win it.

  31. Charlotte V says:

    We have huge crows on our mountain and I love them beyond words! I call out to them and they fly to see me>>>what a wonderful ode to a crowe and a treasure to win!!!

    Thank you so much and kisses

  32. Sarah says:

    I’m not usually into yard art but I like this little guy.

  33. Hi Amy. Fern from “Life on a Balcony” sent me this way. I enjoyed your site. I want to get that little hot-air balloon hummingbird feeder now. It is so cute!!! I live in Southern California, so the gardening is just a little bit different from gardening in Maryland and back east. I am jealous of your fall colors right now!! Your little crow is darling and would fit perfectly in my whimsical cottage garden…along with the real black crows that “caw” most days in my backyard ( also along with the wild parrots that fly all over Orange County…they are a hoot!). Thanks for letting me visit.

  34. Erin Walsh says:

    He is adorable and I’d love to have him in my garden. Thanks for the chance!

  35. Talex says:

    LOL! He’s so cute! Would love to put him in my garden.

  36. Tesa S. says:

    So neat. I’d love it for my garden!

  37. Mary Hickman says:

    That’s adorable! No wonder you couldn’t resist! Thanks for sharing with your fans!

  38. Jill Myrick says:

    This is adorable ! And would be too cute in my garden.

  39. I love this an it would look great in my yard

  40. Christina says:

    Our neighborhood blog features a crow (we definitely have more crows than people on our block!). thanks for the chance–

  41. Deb K says:

    What a cute crow! He would look awesome perched above my backyard grapevines. And maybe besides just looking adorable, he would help to frighten the hungry birds away from my grapes!

  42. Molly K says:

    I would love to win this for my mother in law. She would love it.

  43. Vicki D. says:

    I’d LOVE to have him in my garden. I’ve been looking for some really cute ornaments to put in my garden area.

  44. Kathlean Owens says:

    I love metal work statues! This bird is awesome!

    abstractrose at yahoo dot com

  45. jamie f says:

    i have a thing for crows! call me eccentric, but this would add to my growing crow collection

  46. Becky S. says:

    OMG that’s just too cute! Thanks so much!

  47. George says:

    This would be great in my garden.

  48. Pat says:

    So cute! I’ve got a new house with a new garden where he would look fantastic!

  49. gnwg says:

    How original! I’m in thank you!

  50. Diane says:

    Love that he sways back and forth with the wind. Very nice!


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