Going Strong And Still No Snow…Knock On Wood

Well, I’m looking forward to the warm weather at this point. The only action my hedge sheers have seen in months is through double duty use, trimming down rolls of insulation for my weekend projects around the house. ¬†Saturday morning’s abnormally cold temperatures caused the pipes to freeze under the house, but I was blessed and using hair dryers, space heaters, and lots of blankets across our hardwood first floor seemed to raise the temperature of the water safely without causing the pipes to burst. I know I am luckier than most of the country, and today’s dusting of snow was as close to winter weather as we’ve had here in Baltimore, which suits me just fine!

img 0560 225x300 Going Strong And Still No Snow...Knock On Wood

Since it was noticeably warmer today I stepped out and pruned a large bundle of Rosemary off the bush in the front yard for a vase arrangement, and kept a few stalks for drying. I bought a beauty supply recipe book to challenge myself with for 2009, and plan to try my hand at making a few health and beauty products this year with supplies from the garden, so I couldn’t resist passing up one of my favorite dried herbs – well really my only herb that’s handy in January.

But! My herb supply is literally growing before my eyes. The Aerogarden I received for Christmas from my main squeeze Mr. ParfectGolfer, is plugging along happily, and showing promise of a great herb crop in the coming months. It cheers me up in the winter to see how much the herbs grow every day, and I like being able to grow anything really in the darker areas of my house. Thus far at least I’m still really pleased with the system, and love having it around – it makes a stellar night light in the kitchen for my late night snacking expeditions too!

What amazes me most is that my cat hasn’t attempted disassembling it! ¬†Yet.

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