Green News: Is ‘Clean Coal’ A Future Reality?

2381084047 d3984765c2 b 300x300 Green News: Is ‘Clean Coal’ A Future Reality?“Green energy” technology has made great strides in recent years, and will become a primary source for our nation’s energy needs in the years leading up to 2020. As the technology has become a more cost effective and viable option, the coal industry has promised a version of “clean coal” that may not actually be a reality for another 20-30 years according to some sources. The PR firm that assisted Las Vegas city in developing their popular phrase “What happens here, stays here” has helped bring the idea of “clean coal technology” to the forefront with a holiday rendition of ‘Frosty the Coalman’, designed to bring attention to the idea of a greener coal industry.

Heavy support from the Obama campaign has made “clean coal” the apparent favorite green energy solution over wind and solar power for the coming years, but the price tag attached to “clean coal” is far higher, and the carbon sequestering technology needed to make this an environmentally friendly solution is still unavailable in the US. Is the coal industry ready to roll out “clean coal”?

Writer, commentator, and Guggenheim Fellow award winner Richard Conniff examines the factuality of the “Myth of Clean Coal” in his article for the webazine Yale Environment 360, and his thought provoking article is a great read!  Check it out for another well informed opinion about the future of American energy!


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