“Green Stake; Biodegradable Landscape Stakes” Review

planted pot decorator pot greenstakes sodding 005 225x300 “Green Stake; Biodegradable Landscape Stakes” Review

To summarize this product in one word, these landscape stakes are wonderful! The first 100% biodegradable landscape tool on the market, these stakes are designed to replace the use of metal turf staples that are on the market today with a stronger and more eco-friendly alternative! They are a great “green” solution for the lawn care professional, and the home and garden warrior alike.

GreenStake’s Pitch:

  • Green Stakes are 100% biodegradable within 8-24 months of installation, leaving no harmful residue.
  • They are designed to be 45% stronger, with more holding power than metal staples because of their design.
  • They cut down on lawn mower repair with landscape pins that dissolve in the turf, and do not become entangled in machinery.
  • Green Stakes reduce human and animal injury on golf courses and public areas, since they are not a tripping hazard, and cannot entrap unwary animals in metal hoops or parts.
  • These stakes save contractors time and money that used to be spent on return visits to job sites to remove metal sod staples after grass becomes established. For homeowners, these Green Stakes save them from the removal time as well, and give the homeowners peace of mind since the pins are safe around kids and pets
  • This tool has as many uses as a traditional sod staple, and is available for a similar price.
How They Measure Up:
I have been using these stakes for over a year now on the job, and found them to live up to their promise of biodegradability when used in a variety soil types. In a side-by-side comparison, I was able to purchase these Green Stakes for the same price as metal sod staples, and found them to be easier to use overall than the alternative. The hard surface of the Green Stake, the nail-like top, and the serrated tip make using these as simple as tapping a nail into the dirt. The tip’s serrated edges actually give this tool more holding power in the soil, and are what makes this a great find for use with erosion control blankets, wildflower mats, sod rolls, mulch mats of all types, and landscape fabric. No matter the thickness of the material, I found this tool to cut right through it and anchor it securely in the soil. This product is a perfect fit for naturalized areas, parks, and around the eco-conscious home or business, since it fits perfectly within the safety parameters needed around humans and wildlife.


These stakes come in three sizes, the 2 inch, 4 inch, and 6 inch, and are available in boxes varying from  250,000 to 500, with some websites selling them to homeowners individually, or in small bundles. Since this is a relatively new product, it is not sold in many chain stores yet, but it is available through landscaping product vendors, and online.

What I Like About Them:
I have been able to use this stake for a variety of tasks, and want to recommend it to both Landscape Contractors, and homeowners, and encourage you to purchase this product, and ask for it at your local garden centers. While this product is not widespread yet, demand for it will increase it’s availability, and encourage more green innovations like it in the future!

My personal goal to “go green” wherever possible and however practical, has kept me looking for new innovations in eco-friendly tools and supplies. When I found this product, I was encouraged to see that this product meets both my needs for a reliable tool, and my desire for greener living! I have used and abused metal sod staples for every possible suggested use and then some, and found them to be more flimsy in rocky or frozen soil than Green Stakes. For the money spent, and the amount of use available in a metal sod staple that rusts over the course of one year, and a Green Stake that biodegrades over the same amount of time, I feel that the green alternative is a clear choice over the traditional tool.


I’ve received a lot of requests from homeowners interested in purchasing biodegradable lawn stakes, and my top suggestion is to buy a similar product from Amazon JMD Round Top Bio-PinTM Biodegradeable Stakes “Green Stake; Biodegradable Landscape Stakes” Review.  Your other alternatives are to contact Green Stake directly, or call a local landscape supply company like Lesco, John Deere, or Tractor Supply Company and see if they have the product available, or if they would be willing to provide the product to local consumers.

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  3. Tracy says:

    where can I buy Green Stakes on line?

  4. Amy says:


    I included a link in the article above to a similar product that Amazon now sells online, look under “Updates”. I hope they work well for you.

  5. yeny says:

    where can i buy your green stake. do you have agent in asian

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