Happy Earth Day!

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Some people make New Year’s resolutions, I make Earth Day resolutions. Every Earth Day I resolve to learn at least one useless fact about the natural world that I didn’t know before, in the hopes that I will become the well rounded person that my grandparents earnestly prayed that I would become. The jury is still out on how useful this fact is, but it’s quite possibly memorable – which is always an added benefit!

Earth Day 2009′s Useless Fact: Wood Duck babies are the only birds known to talk with each other while still in their eggs; egg to egg, and egg to mom, while in the last stages of growth before hatching! (Go ahead…. group “Awww” everybody)

I spent much of today working at a celebratory Earth Day  fair, splitting my time between manning my company’s booth, and visiting the other vendors, and local green volunteer organizations at their own display areas.

The past few years I’ve attended an Earth Day fair I’ve really enjoyed the variety of speakers, and organizations present there. As much as I like to learn something new every year about the environment, or a specific animal, I know that most of what makes this day of awareness great is that it isn’t just about    planting a tree anymore. Eco-fairs often stir something in me to find new products, services, or methods of building my garden craft, that are more responsible in their relationship with the environment.  Earth Day has become a bit of a New Years Day for me, and I see it as a day of inspiration to change one thing about gardening, or my daily life, that makes a difference over the course of time in the impact I have on the environment.

Last year my inspiration came from a local photographer, who’s nature photography was re-framed in second hand frames, and who’s photos now grace my wall.  This year, while there were great garden vendors in attendance, I was drawn to a home-made cosmetics company from my area that not only creates all natural make-up, soaps and perfumes, but that also runs their entire operation in a facility that uses 100% wind energy. I chatted with the owner and founder of the company, picked up a few items to try out, and am excited to include make-up as part of my green routine this year! Check out my post for a full review of Zosimos Botanicals coming up!

What about you: What did you find this year to excite and motivate you to toward living in a more “green” fashion?  What motivated you today to adapt your daily habits into something new?

Photo Courtesy of: roctopus

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