Happy New Year Friends!

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A blessed and happy New Year to all of you!  It’s a crisp 25 degrees outside my Baltimore City townhome this morning, and I’m sipping my coffee and thinking about the year ahead, and what another year’s fresh start will mean.  There’s nothing like the clarity of a winter morning!  My window view shows the bare bone structure of my garden, and the industrial structures surrounding my neighborhood, but little else in this dormant period. I know that much like a garden in winter, a new year allows us to focus on the basic structure of the year ahead, and plan out what we want to nurture in the coming months, so I’m indulging in a little mental gardening today, planning out what I want to nurture in myself, and others this coming year. 

As I’m sitting here thinking through this past year, and the growth and change that has come along with it (both the welcome, and the undesired) I’m reminded of the blessings in my life, and the care with which God always keeps me, regardless of whether I understand his methods or not. This past year has been a year of several new beginnings, including the beginning of this blog several short months ago. I never would have thought that a blogging could help re-direct me toward enjoying again the little things in the day to day life, or that so many of you would be sources of encouragement or inspiration.  I have truly enjoyed getting to know some of you, and seeing the world and your garden through your eyes!  There is so much beauty in the world around us regardless of how much we see to the contrary, and it is my hope that I can continue to cultivate some of the simple tangible beauty in and around my neighborhood this year while growing a few more relationships with you all as well! 

I’m not one for New Years resolution, so I hope this new year finds you blessed in the simple ways, if not on the grand scale that you desire. I hope that you are inspired to see and respond to the world one day at a time this year, and if you are led into the garden along that path, that you drop me an email (greengardenista@gmail.com), or comment, and let me know where you are on the web!  I hope I meet many more of you in 2009, but until then, go drink some cocoa, flip through your seed catalogues, and dream big even if all you own are a few flower pots on your kitchen window. 

Here’s to a “greener” year all around!



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  1. Fern says:

    Happy New Year Amy! I really enjoy reading your blog and can’t wait to see what you post this year.

  2. Amy says:

    Thanks Fern! Best of luck with “Life on the Balcony” this year! I’m glad I can count you as one of my new friends and co-conspirators in the garden blog world! :)

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