Homemade Squirrel Repellent To Save Your Fall Bulbs

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You would think that with cooler temperatures and the holidays on the way you could put prep your garden for the winter and be done with it right?  Wrong.

Unfortunately, the fall bulbs we plant in September and October are a tempting snack for Squirrels, and your bulbs are in danger of being eaten or relocated by these busy tree climbers. If you see the tell-tale signs of digging in your garden, or notice Squirrels running Hibernation Preparedness Drills around your yard, then it’s time for you to fight back with a simple green deterrent that can save you from constantly replanting your garden beds.

Cooking Up Something Special:

Break out a 2 quart sauce pan, fill it 3/4ths of the way full with water, and get it boiling. Add to the boiling water two chopped cooking onions, one chopped Jalapeno pepper, and one tablespoon of Cayenne Pepper, or Ground Red Pepper from your spice rack. Let the mixture boil for approximately 20 minutes, and let cool.  Strain the chopped peppers and onion out of the pan, and add the left-over liquid to a spray bottle for easy application to the leaves, and ground around your bulbs.  This recipe will provide up to five days of deterrent from squirrels after application.

For added Squirrel deterrence, sprinkle the bare soil around your bulbs with Paprika, and Ground Red Pepper.  The smells of both of these spices irritate a squirrel’s nose, and send him elsewhere in his quest for a quick snack!

Your Thoughts: What “green” ways have you found to keep squirrels out of your garden?


Photo Courtesy of: Seeks2Dream

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  1. Fern says:

    Great tips Amy! In my neighborhood the squirrels use the telephone wires as a squirrel highway of sorts, spying on the gardens they intend to snack in…

  2. Amy says:

    Squirrels are amazing little acrobats! Luckily for me, my neighborhood has few squirrels, so I don’t have to worry what they will be digging up on my yard, and I can just enjoy watching them out the window.

  3. Jennifer Bates says:

    Does anyone have a natural way or something to add to black sunflower seeds in a bird feeder to keep squirrels out but will still encourage the birds to eat?

    please reply to jbates20@wi.rr.com

  4. Amy says:


    Try sprinkling cayenne pepper on your seeds, and around your feeder.

  5. Amy says:


    These work for a week or two, depending on the weather. After rain, these mixes need to be applied again.

  6. I don’t know where I read this but it was somewhere on the net. It was suggested not to put “name tags” marking your bulbs but to keep a map of your bulb placements. For some reason squirrels are drawn to the name markers as a place to bury their nuts, and in the process dig up your bulbs. Plus, if you draw a map, you will not use the plastic non biodegradable name markers.

    Lastly, something doesn’t have to be homemade to be “green.” I have been studying store bought squirrel repellents and many of them are made from fox urine, the scent of which puts fear in the squirrels, which have a keen sense of smell. Just imho. :)

  7. Amy says:

    Good point, homemade repellents can be great for do-it-yourselfer’s, but there are many great products on the market that use natural based solutions in them to accomplish the same thing. Fox Urine can work well for many people, and I’m in full support of anything that gets the job done and is easily dissolvable after use.

  8. Paralax says:

    Nice post & Fine photo of the squirrel =)

  9. Amy says:


  10. sondia says:

    Someone please tell me how they get the fox urine! I am picturing foxes wearing catheters!

  11. Amy says:


    Let’s hope there are no catheters, and that the urine is harvested in a natural and painless manner. Another option would always be to have your own dog, a family’s or a neighbors to leave a few scent marks in your yard to achieve the same purpose.


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