Hound Dog Cultivator Review

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There are a few garden tools that can help you complete several types of garden tasks without really breaking a sweat, and this tool is an easily found workhorse that will fill just such a void.

The Hound Dog Cultivator is a Home Depot classic tool that is easily found, and even more easily used.  This rust-proof, welded steel, cultivator is designed to break through compacted soil with a simple step and turn motion, and it’s uses in the garden will literally become one hundred fold once you begin to use it.  The tool works to exponentially increase your upper body strength through the turning motion, and it powers through garden tasks like tilling, mixing, and weeding, while saving your back from the jerking, and digging motions that can be involved in those tasks when you use a shovel instead.

I have used this tool to remove grass for sod installation, to weed, to aerate, to dig holes in compacted soil, to mix compost ingredients, and to loosen soil for leveling around pavers and picnic tables.  The Hound Dog Cultivator is a great all around tool, and I highly recommend it for women and children as well, since it is such a back saver, and magnifies your strength.

The Garden Hound is sold for just under $20 at Home Depot, and is a great tool to add to your arsenal, or to give as a gift to your favorite gardener.  It compares to the Garden Weasel Cultivator, which is a similarly designed tool, but what the Hound Dog cultivator lacks in ergonomic design, it makes up for in a much more wallet friendly price.  Check out the comparable Garden Weasel Cultivator Review to see the other option, and choose your favorite.

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