How To Get Free Wood Chips for Your Picnic Area

 How To Get Free Wood Chips for Your Picnic Area

Don’t pay for mulch in your backyard picnic area when you can get it for free!

One of the secrets of land care insiders is our ability to stretch a penny and re-purpose things to meet our needs, and recycling wood chips from disposal for state parks and picnic grounds is something we do often.  One of the best ways to keep weeds and grass down in your backyard picnic area is to create a surface of wood chips underneath your table. Wood chips help create a uniform look under your table, and will save you the time spent mowing and edging between the furniture.  Fresh wood chips also vary greatly from mulch, and chemically suppress new plant growth long term.

How to get free wood chips:

One of the best ways to score free wood chips is through a call to your local Arborist! Most tree removal companies will be happy to provide a free truckload of freshly ground wood chips to your driveway or project area following their most recent tree removal service.  Arborists are actually charged a fee in most states to haul truckloads of ground wood chips to the dump for decomposition, and they are more than happy to drop their load with you and save themselves that cost.  All you need to provide is the elbow grease and a wheel barrow to move the wood chips (if the trucker is unable to deliver them directly to the site.).

A classy way to create a little organization to a backyard picnic spot is in a raised and framed box. Fill the frame with a layer of landscape fabric, wood chips, and your favorite wooden benches, and picnic tables.

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