Impatiens Hanging Baskets

IMG 2926 1024x768 Impatiens Hanging Baskets


There is beauty in simplicity and repetition!  These simple hanging baskets are comprised of common pink Impatiens, but together they look simply stunning!  I snapped a picture of these at the Baltimore Country Club a few weeks before I was married there.  What a gorgeous place!

Make This Basket:

  • 4-5 four inch pink Impatiens per basket,
  • 3 small trailing Vinca vines per basket
  • Liberal use of potting soil
  • Rinse and Repeat!

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  1. [...] Image source Give your fall hanging basket endurance with a one-two punch of flowering cyclamen and needle grass. Look for a hanging basket filled with the best pair of bloomers, the violin and sweet alyssum. This hanging basket features a trio of silvery white plants that transition beautifully from fall to the holiday season. Choose baskets in a single color to complement the exterior of your home, or take on the action of autumn nature by hanging baskets filled with pansies. Look for beauties this spring to grow all summer and into fall with hanging basket plants. It is natural to hang baskets, forming lush balls covered in flowers that look great from spring to fall. Emulate Mother Nature’s autumn color look and indulge yourself in hanging baskets planted in various colors. [...]

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