Indestructible Rubber Planter

Rubber tubplanter 02 Indestructible Rubber Planter

I have friends.  Friends with sons.  Little sons in fact.  And these boys are some of my favorite people to spend time with.  I also like spending time with their mothers, and I’ve picked up on the fact that while little boys are endless sources of entertainment, and energy, they also could maim re-bar without even trying.  So it is for these mothers of sons I’ve found this surprisingly classy, but, most importantly, indestructible, recycled rubber vases for the home.  They’re shiny,  their waterproof, and these vases are reputed to be the height of modern chic – they just so happen to be made of recycled rubber tires, and indestructible!

These tub planters will run you about $175.00, which isn’t cheap, but they’ll last you until long after the kids get their learners, and go to college, which will save you money in the long term on terra cotta and plastic planters that can crack and break around too much roughhousing.

Check them out.

Rubber tubplanter 01 Indestructible Rubber Planter

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  1. Ladonna says:

    How big are these pots? Has anyone ever considered making pots that you would use in planters in a parking lot. If someone should accidently hit them, it would do little damage.

    Please let me know.


  2. PD says:

    where can I get one? Actually, two?

  3. POINAMA says:

    I want to buy this contener
    Thank you for réponse

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