Indian Strawberries; Outdoor Weeds That Make Good Interior Plants

indian strawberry 300x288 Indian Strawberries; Outdoor Weeds That Make Good Interior Plants

Occasionally the best indoor accent plants can come straight from the wild.  The Indian Strawberry is a naturalized weed from India that works wonderfully as an indoor plant, and it’s free! This perennial has tiny decorative blooms, and small brightly colored berries that resemble miniature common strawberries.

Shady lawns and gardens across the United States have been sporting these misplaced plants for decades, where they attract the attention of wildlife and children everywhere.  For the lawn purist the weeds need eradication with selective spraying, or removing by hand in order to control the runners.  Instead of throwing the runners in the compost bin however, try potting them in a simple milk-glass container to brighten up a dimly lit corner of your house.

milkglass 300x225 Indian Strawberries; Outdoor Weeds That Make Good Interior Plants

Blooms and Berries:

This ground cover sends out little yellow flowers in the late spring and early summer, which turn into tasteless miniature berries from mid summer through September.  The berries are safe and edible, so Indian Strawberry is a plant that is also kid and pet friendly.

How to Plant It:

indian strawberry plant 300x216 Indian Strawberries; Outdoor Weeds That Make Good Interior Plants

The mature plant can be dug up and planted in an indoor container year round. To grow your own plants from start to finish, collect seeds from the berries, and plant them in February or March for spring and summer blooms and berries.  Another way to propagate the plant is to lay some of the runners on the soil line of the original container and allow them to root.  As the new runner plants establish themselves they keep the container looking lush.

Another great way to re-purpose this garden green is to use it as a  “spiller” to add to your shaded outdoor hanging baskets and containers.

Give this plant a try, and see what other common plants you can find creative uses for!

Happy Gardening.

Photos Courtesy of: fdecomite, FotoDawg, and Pomponiaarte

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  2. Ladybug says:

    Well I think strawberries are delicious and I have nothing else to say except this… If anyone is reading this please tell me the adaptations of the Indian strawberry. That would be awesome.

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