Little Golden Book Birdhouses

cars1 Little Golden Book Birdhouses

I absolutely love unique birdhouses, and as an avid reader I can’t think of a cuter idea than combining my love for both into one complete package.  Enter the Little Golden Book Birdhouse series!  Behold the cuteness, and tremble!

Joe and Anne Long of Michigan create these handmade houses and sell them online and at craft shows in the Great Lakes region. Each house is composed of one particular story, and a special “perch” is chosen that is appropriate for the story.  Currently the Long’s have about 16 different children’s book houses for retail, and each house runs you about 30 dollars.

lady2 Little Golden Book Birdhouses

The Lady and the Tramp house has a perch with a miniature bowl of spaghetti attached to the end, which is entirely too cute for the outdoors, and perfect for the bookshelf!

mermaid1 Little Golden Book Birdhouses

The Little Mermaid house is the one I would buy for a little girls bedroom.  I remember reading this particular Golden Book to my younger brother when I was little, and doodling mermaids over all my school papers when my mind wandered in class.  I don’t think there was a single subject folder in the third grade that escaped Merm-ification!

Is it me or is the nostalgia getting a little thick in here?

dalmations3 Little Golden Book Birdhouses

This one would look cute on the shelf at the veterinarian’s office, I’ll have to add this to the Christmas list!

donald2 Little Golden Book Birdhouses

And a Corn Cob pipe perch attaches to this bright Donald Duck birdhouse, which would look adorable mixed in with a spring or summer tablescape display!

I’m charmed by the ingenuity of these vintage book houses.  If you like them too check out the whole set at the Long family’s store through the link above and support this great home grown craft!

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  1. If only they were weatherproof!

  2. Amy says:

    I Know! They would be adorable in the garden.

  3. Bea says:

    External Polyurethae over the pages when you’re done might just work!

  4. Bea says:

    PolyurethaNe!!! I mean! LOL!

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