Migrating Robins Make A Pit-Stop At The Office

316671358 5656aea8ec 300x225 Migrating Robins Make A Pit Stop At The OfficeWashington Hawthorn trees line part of the driveway outside my office, and every year around this time attract flocks of migrating songbirds who feast on the berries before moving further south.  Last year I missed seeing the Cedar Waxwings who appeared by the hundreds to polish off the fruit.  This year I happened to be driving by in my corporate pick-up truck, and caught about 70 Robins standing both around the trees and in the branches wolfing down the red berries.  It was cute to see the cooperation with the birds in the tree eating a few berries themselves and pulling others loose to drop to the birds below.

It’s particularly satisfying to see that the migrating songbirds have our headquarters on their mental list of places to pit-stop at on their southern migration. I’ll have to see what stops by next year for the 2009 crop of berries.

Photo courtesy of audreyjm529

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