My El-Cheapo Easter Update

I’m a bit spartan in my decorating habits, and the number of knick-knacks I allow to lie around the house.  Most of the time I rarely notice the lack of photo’s, paintings, and decor, preferring to point my furniture toward the windows and enjoy the view of my roses and suet feeders.  Winter’s lack of daylight encouraged me to install these shelves two years ago over my television (situated between two windows as well), and this spring I decided the all-season display I lay across them through most of the year was looking a little too boring for the amount of time I spend looking up at it.

Being in a rather thrifty state of mind, here’s what I whipped up to celebrate the spring season, with finds that were all under three dollars!

IMG 2430 1024x768 My El Cheapo Easter Update

This is what I call the “A” shelf, because no matter the season my initial reigns supreme on this little make-shift mantle. I used tiny clay pots that were three for a dollar to hold my Easter eggs, and brighten up the ledge with pops of florescence…which really only ever look good at this time of year.  The picture in the frame is actually a painting on tin that was two dollars at the local dollar variety store, and the frame was a buck in the same store.  I am beyond proud that the colors perfectly accent my curtains on the right.

IMG 2432 1024x768 My El Cheapo Easter Update

This in my smallest and highest shelf of the set, and I used “the rule of three” to fill it in with Easter grass, potted eggs, and another painted tin print.  The feisty bird pair and the dogwood blossoms enhance the feel of spring in my living room,  and highlight two of my favorite things to watch out the nearby windows. The potted egg pik came in a group pack of four running for two dollars at the same dollar variety store, and when combined with a little floral foam, and dried Spanish moss I had in my  craft area, looks like a much cuter accent piece!

IMG 2434 768x1024 My El Cheapo Easter Update

This is the “L” shelf , where the initial of my younger sister is nestled into a bed of yellow grass with more festive easter eggs!  The giant letters are simple plywood from the craft store I’ve painted dark brown to mimic the higher end iron, and solid wood pieces.

I’m loving my cutsie spring finds, and the bright color they bring.  Half the fun was finding the paintings, and egg piks and assembling them to fit this season’s theme.

Welcome, Spring!

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