My Miniature Winter Village

When the snow is both inside and out, ’tis the season for my winter village display to be growing in one of the lobbies at the senior community center. What a great way to cheer people up!  This year a co-worker and I created this sweet mountain resort, and town-scape out of collections new and old. What’s become a work-funded hobby for both he and I these past 5 years has blossomed into quite a collection, which we rotate out each year according to the theme we like.

img 2167 768x1024 My Miniature Winter Village

We carved and spray painted sheets of styrofoam to create the climbing mountain’s layers, binding them together with floral picks.  We left a few areas level on the mountain so we could set in this years new Lemax hunting lodges, and light up camping tents.

img 2162 768x1024 My Miniature Winter Village

This is the view of the town on the other side of the double table, complete with dairy, barn dancers, and a school with kids playing outside of it.

img 2176 768x1024 My Miniature Winter Village

The only industrious homeowner in the whole display, trying to make sense of his driveway.

img 2172 768x1024 My Miniature Winter Village

Our holiday shoppers in the town square Gift Shop

img 21711 1024x768 My Miniature Winter Village

The Chocolate Factory, and a few of the movie and comic book characters we sneak in for the kids to find as part of a treasure hunt!

img 2175 768x1024 My Miniature Winter Village

A few M&M’s trying to blend in at one of the Swiss Chalet’s.  Not Working Guys!

img 2178 1024x768 My Miniature Winter Village

And finally, my personal favorite, Mickey and Minnie out for a date at the Ed’s Diner!  What was set up originally as Mickey holding the car door open for Mini has apparently been adjusted by viewers (I notice belatedly) to have her getting her own car door.  Drats!  Apparently thumb-sized chivalry is suffering a blow in my miniature Christmas Village, but I’ll hold out hope for next years display!

Thanks for taking a peek at what I’ve been working on these past few weeks, and I hope to show you something completely new next holiday season!

Happy New Year!

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  1. Natalia Barroca says:

    Fantastic, I love it so much.

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