Pictures of My New Urban Water Garden

img 18841 819x1024 Pictures of My New Urban Water Garden

I live in a big city, but I’d like to think that my yard is my own personal oasis no matter how much noisy traffic passes by!

One of my goals recently was to put a small water garden in my yard. I specifically wanted one that could hold goldfish without needing the upkeep and supplies necessary for the larger ponds that I care for on the job, so I checked the local garden centers for options. I purchased a small, round, 20 gallon pre-formed pond from Home Depot, and set to work installing it in a low spot in my front yard where it could be the focal point. I surrounded the pond with a dry river bed to create a more natural feel. The soil I displaced when digging the hole for my pond was sculpted around the edges of the nearby Coneflower bed, and around the small trench I dug for my river bed.

The pond and river bed areas are already in the path of my gutter’s spillway, so the pond area will also funnel large amounts of water away from my house, through the garden, and into the nearby gutter, which will keep my yard from getting “soupy.” My next step is to find larger river rocks on my travels to place over the lip of the pond to hide the black plastic.  I’m excited to see what I turn up!

Time flies, and it’s already been three weeks now since my original installation, and my fish are still alive to greet me every morning as I head off to work. My mini pond holds 4 medium sized Comet Goldfish, and three warm weather tropical Aquarium plants to help balance the oxygen levels in the pond. I used a plastic mesh aquarium planter upside-down, with two openings cut into it, to provide a hiding place for my fish, and a shelf for plantings. I tossed in a water lily bulb for good measure, but next year will be the year for any good water gardening. I’ll keep the fish in the pond year round, and change out a little water from time to keep the fish healthy.

I’m really happy with my results.  What do you think?  Do you have a water feature in your yard?

img 1883 1024x768 Pictures of My New Urban Water Garden

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  1. Crystal says:

    Very unique approach to having a water garden in an Urban area, and it looks great! The biggest problem we have in my region are MOSQUITOS, as D.C. Metro area is so humid and if you’ve got standing water anywhere it doesn’t take but a milisecond for the mosquitos to take over. I can even keep water in my Bird Bath, so that’s a real downer.

  2. Amy says:


    I have mosquito issues in my area as well. There are just too many gutters, potholes, and poorly graded areas that collect the insects. The good news with water gardens is that once you add the goldfish, they will eat any mosquito larvae in the water as soon as it appears. Goldfish spend a huge amount of their time checking over every pebble in the pond for food, and during the warm seasons you can skip feeding them for a day or two per week to encourage them to hunt water bugs for you. They make water gardening guilt free, which is why I love them!

    Hope you find a way to work a water feature into your own yard or balcony garden.

    Green Gardenista

  3. Doc33 says:

    I think you did a lovely job. It fits nicely into the overall yard.

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