Product Review: The Nature Mill Indoor Composter

naturemillpro kitchencouple 216x300 Product Review: The Nature Mill Indoor ComposterUrbanites rejoice, because the Nature Mill company has created an odorless indoor composter specifically made to fit in the average kitchen cabinet!

A traditional composter can be impossible to fit into a small urban living space. ¬†Generally they are bulky, messy, time consuming, and some can be odiforous. A traditional composter naturally breaks down food and yard waste through aeration, the addition of beneficial bacteria, and by exposure to the warm spots created in a bin through the heat generated by decomposing matter. Here’s the hitch though, traditional composters require labor, work slowly when exposed to cold temeratures, and cannot process meat and dairy, while this indoor model can!

The indoor composter from Nature Mill is energy star rated, and utilizes electricity to keep your scrap material constantly warm, rotated, and aerated, speeding up the decomposing process. This model will provide you with a new batch of compost about every two weeks, and can process about 120 pounds of garbage per month! ¬†Another added benefit is that with this warm composter, meat and dairy products can be added and will break down with the rest of your garbage and scraps! The composting process is as simple as scraping you food scraps into the composter, and emptying the compost drawer when the “fill” sensor lights up!

diagram 150x150 Product Review: The Nature Mill Indoor Composter

Just one small bin full of this rich compost can feed and fertilize up to 10-40 square feet of garden, and it can be diluted with water to become a liquid fertilizer suitable for everything from house plants to fruit trees! Check it out either on the home website linked to above, or purchase one at Target or Costco, and turn your waste into compost gold.

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  1. Shelley says:

    I’ve had one of these for a year. It works to make compost when the unit is working. And it does it well. However, my first unit lasted three months before breaking. The company sent me a new one, but it broke in about three months as well. Both times the units broke. They stopped automatically opening the trap door to dump the finished product, which meant to make it work I had to manually remove the compost from the machine. The second unit now has broken beyond usage now after six months running. I have given up on the product. I don’t want another one.

    More than the fragility of it, the thing truly stinks. A terrible stench comes from it. I grew up on a cattle farm and we had pigs from time to time, but even I cannot stand the smell. It drips juice which then molds in the tray and STINKS! Dumping it is an awful messy chore. Actually dumping the compost by hand is an awful messy chore. I’m so disappointed because the thing had really potential, but I’ve given it a year of babysitting and care and I’m over the mess. Moving on to other options.

  2. Mike says:

    Shelley – try reading the instructions. You have to add the pellets, which are included. Otherwise you get jams and odors. Mine works pretty well so far and I’ve made about 10 batches over the last year. Once in a while I forget to add enough pellets and it starts to get a little musty and I add the pellets and then it is fine.

  3. Amy says:

    Thanks Mike and Shelley for sharing your personal experiences with this product. I’ve learned a lot from both of you, and Mike I’m glad to hear of your positive experience with the composter. I hope that the product will continue to work well for you, and that more great urban alternative products like this will keep appearing on the market.

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