Purple Bulbs At A Beige City House

 Purple Bulbs At A Beige City House

This year I’m adding a few (read 106) bulbs to my front garden box, and walkway landscaping. My bulbs this year are all purple, and all from Costco.  The Hubby and I were shopping for a cart full of pantry staples when I was snared by the bakers racks of bulbs by the bag and had to get one- ok, two. There wasn’t anything fancy or new there, just Daffodils, Crocuses, Tulips, and Narcissus, but they were calling my name anyway.

I’m pretty happy with simple Daffodils in the early spring, but the hubs requested I get purple flowers this year since he is such I am such a staunch supporter of the Baltimore Ravens, and really what other color would I want in my yard?

What are we planting?  Well, I’m love large Allium flowers in the spring, so I purchased a bag of six ‘His Excellency’ bulbs, and a mixed bag of 100 purple solid and striped Crocus bulbs. They should look cute in the spring, so I’m pretty excited.

Oh yeah, and Go Ravens!

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  1. [...] So I put aside the trowel and grabbed a shovel and a tarp. (I previously learned not to put soil directly on the lawn to avoid a mess.  I dug a big trench in front of the hedge, deep enough for the smaller Allium (Atropurpureum and Purple Sensation), and then I used the trowel again to make 9 deeper holes for the larger Allium (3 Globemaster and 6 His Excellency). [...]

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