Red Osier Dogwood; ‘Red Twig’

red twig branch Red Osier Dogwood; ‘Red Twig’

We all like to have winter color, and there’s nothing more Christmas-y than the bright red branches of the Red Osier Dogwood.  This great North American native bush has beautiful architectural quality to it, and the crisp winter sun will literally glow off of it’s  branches.

This great native alternative works well in soggy areas, and drainage gardens, and makes a bright addition to pond banks.

What You’ll Love:

  • It’s adaptable to any amount of lighting, from full-sun, to full-shade
  • It’s native, and pest and disease hardy.
  • It grows quickly
  • It matures in a loose and upright manner that doesn’t spread wide, and overwhelm your other plants.
  • When thinned out each spring it send up brighter stems each year.

And have I mentioned that the stems look beautiful on your holiday table, or in vases during the dreary winter months?

I like to use this shrub in garden designs as a bright pop of color  to accent evergreens around entry doors, and also enjoy using in in rows around walking paths and ponds.  This a a great,  fool-proof plant that anyone can grow, and it’s easily found at your local nursery.

It’s just one more easy way to “go native” in your yard and garden this year!

red twig Red Osier Dogwood; ‘Red Twig’

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