Scotts PatchMaster ‘Sun and Shade Mix’ Review

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A bag of Scotts PatchMaster ‘Sun and Shade Mix’ will run you anywhere from 10 dollars for a five pound bag, to 25 dollars for a 15 pound bag.  It is advertised to be a complete blend of seed, shredded cotton and paper fibers, and fertilizer, blended into a pellet form. This all-inclusive, quick, grass growing system is advertised to grow grass within 7-10 days, with regular watering, and to quickly fill in bare spots with turf grass.  I have used this personally in my own yard, and professionally in the land care business, and with proper application this product will provide you with perfect results every time. New grass seedlings emerge often within 5 days, and continue to emerge for several weeks. The end result with Scotts PatchMaster Sun and Shade Mix, is a quick, healthy carpet of grass in any bare spot, that blends in wonderfully with the average home owner’s lawn grass varieties.

How To Use Patchmaster For Best Results:

PatchMaster is a quick and easy way to grow grass in bare patches, and erosion zones, but even it is not a miracle worker if the soil you throw it on is hard-pan and compacted, or chemically burned from winter salt, or pet urine.  In areas of heavy foot traffic and poor soil, break up the existing soil with a shovel or GARDEN WEASEL 91316 RED GARDEN CLAW Scotts PatchMaster ‘Sun and Shade Mix’ Review, to a depth of at least 2 inches, and apply a few inches of topsoil before tossing down the PatchMaster mix.  In order for the new grass seedlings to survive, their roots will need an area below them of nutrient, and oxygen rich soil, for the root systems to anchor into for long term growth.  Directly dropping PatchMaster over poor soil, or hard-pan will guarantee a shallow root system, and the grass with die back out within a few weeks, especially if the weather is hot when you plant it.

In areas of chemical burn dig out the bare soil to a depth of 3-5 inches down, bag the soil and discard it.  Apply topsoil in the empty area, and layer a 1 to 2 inch layer of Patchmaster over the bare spot.  Chemical burns from salt, pets, and car supplies will kill back, or completely inhibit the growth of new seed if they are not removed from the soil.  You will save yourself time and money to patch this type of bare spot correctly the first time, so follow these steps correctly.

How To Water PatchMaster For Best Results:

Watering is not a step you can skip with new grass, and PatchMaster, regardless of it’s water retaining qualities still needs daily watering once or twice a day depending on the weather.  The new grass will need daily water for at least the first two weeks, with the best case scenario carrying over into the first  month after planting.  There are many varieties of grass in the mix, and some of the fescue seed germinates slower than the other types (like rye) which root the quickest, and are blended in to mature quickly and to anchor the topsoil and mix to each other rapidly to prevent erosion before the slower seeds can mature.

If you are planning a lengthy vacation around the time you install PatchMaster Sun and Shade Mix, place a timed sprinkler out to keep the area moist, or ask a neighbor to check on the spot for you while you are gone, to ensure good results.

PatchMaster pellets work with water by:

  • Providing a moist and humid environment for the grass seeds to germinate in
  • Locking in the moisture to become a form of protection from the suns strongest rays and a mulch
  • Jumpstarting germination with built in fertilizer that feeds the seeds while they grow
  • And by slowly decomposing, flattening into place, and pushing the newly developed roots down onto the topsoil.

When Can I Mow It?

Avoid mowing new seedlings for one month.  The turbulence of a mower and feet over unanchored grass can scatter the new seedlings in all directions, or damage the new growth.  Allow the grass to harden off a little before you approach it with lawn equipment.

When Can I Fertilize It?

Wait two months before fertilizing a PatchMaster area.  The fertilizer in the pellet contains a special blend of nutrients to jumpstart the growth cycle, and while it is a different blend of nutrients than basic lawn fertilizer, applying more fertilizer to these new seedling carries a high risk of burning the grass completely.

When Can I Use Weed Products On The Area?

Wait at least two months before using any herbicide, or pre-emergent around PatchMaster grass.  New seedlings, although they are already emerged have very soft leaf tissues that are suceptible to chemical damage.  Wait until the grass has matured a bit and hardened off before using any chemicals of any kind around it.  Ideally you should have mowed the grass four times before using any chemicals on it.

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  1. BILLY says:

    I have unsucessfully tried to use this product for 3 years & it never semms to grow in a sunny or shaded area.Im not new to the lawn care field, it just doesn,t work for me.I followed the directions to the Tee & nothing happens.I had my lawn of 30,000 sf hydroseeded & I watered it properly but to do a small patch on a neighbors yard no luck with this product.

  2. Amy says:


    Sorry to hear about your results. I wonder if there was a problem with your particular package, or if there is a problem with your soil? I’ve tried Patch Master in many locations, including run-off areas that were a little compacted, and I found that if the product was laid moderately thickly it grows in quickly. I hope you find another product that works well for you.

  3. Barbara says:

    This product failed completely for me. I followed all instructions – loosened the soil under the product and kept the areas moist. I am a long time gardener and have always had great success patching the lawn with my own mix of seed and top soil. I thought this would save me time and be really moisture retentive. All I ended up with were bare patches in the lawn covered with the remnants of the product which looked as if someone had thrown up on those areas. I am disgusted with the results! (I am also posting this directly to Scott’s website)

  4. Craig says:

    Scotts Patchmaster was a huge disappointment. No results at all after two weeks of perfect growing weather and 2x daily watering. The loss of money and time is upsetting.

  5. Stan says:

    Billly, Barbara, and Craig have it right. This product is worthless. I have had many years experience in lawn care, followed instructions carefully, and applied product at a good time of year (late September) . If I had saved my sales slip, I would have sent it to Scott’s for a refund. As it is, I’ve posted a review of this same sort on Scott’s website and will write to them about the results I got.

  6. joshua sharber says:

    horrible product. i dug down 3 inches, then added SCOTTS miracle grow moisture lock potting soil, then a nice coat of SCOTTS Patch”Master” and it has been 4 weeks and i have very few blades of grass coming in in random areas. very disappointing.

  7. Sam says:

    I came here to read reviews of Scotts, with a possible purchase in mind, but these reviews aren’t exactly encouraging, haha. Amy, do you have any response to these complaints?

  8. Greg says:

    I’ve just used a couple of bags of the sun-and-shade patchmaster. I can say that it has worked well, as I’m about 2 weeks in and a lot of grass has come up, already starting to make the areas look full. As I had some uneven bare spots as a result from a truck that did tree removal, I put some fresh loose dirt on top of the spots, then the patchmaster on top of that. I’ve watered with a hose once each day for a only a few minutes to saturate the spots. Also the areas with the patchmaster are nearly completely sunny. I’d definitely use it again. Live in Montgomery county, PA.

  9. Gary says:

    I applied this product in the morning around 8:30 and as I applied the patch I noticed a fine powder like dry mist drifting around as I broke up and separated the patch. I didn’t think much about it but about a half hour or so after I had watered the patch, I became very nauseous and felt sickly the rest of the day and was unable to do anything else that day. I wore rubber gloves but I did not use a mask and I honestly feel it was something in the product that I inadvertently inhaled that I had a reaction to. I felt better in the evening and was back to felling normal the next day. I don’t know yet how well the product works but I post this only to advise anyone who uses this product to wear a mask and wear rubber gloves as a precaution!

  10. Jay says:

    Came here on a whim looking for some advanced tips. I’m very surprised people have issues here and a few other reviews I read. I am by far a lawn care guru but I am having great sucess with this stuff. Day 5 I have a pretty good ammount of sprouts of decent length. All I did was loosen the bare spot with a rake, moisten it well, cover with a bit less than half an inch, and watered twice a day with a few rain falls here and there. My only issue is that though I made sure to remove all signs of veggatation I have some clover popping up. Clover was the reason for the patchmaster as it was such a dense patch I just killed it all off and cleared any sign of plant matter. Got about 5″ down too just to make sure. Was hoping the mulching material would inhibit this but it didnt. Hopefully this keeps working this well and takes off before more clover invades. This was a test spot before I went nuts clearing out the giant clover patches scattered about in a 3/25 acre yard so I would really like to be able to continue useing it.

  11. Mark says:

    Have to say I’m with the complaint crowd. The stuff mushes into this hard shell that mostly smothers anything trying to grow under it. Some brave patches of grass managed to push some clumps of the shell up, but then it ends up looking like a bad hair cut, and you have to go remove the caps from the clumps if you want to save anything at all.

  12. Nan says:

    I need to know if I can put scoots sun and patch on the lawn over the winter time

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