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scotts turf builder seeding soil std Scotts Turfbuilder Seeding SoilSeed Starting Soil Scotts Turfbuilder Seeding Soil

The folks at Scotts have a unique soil product that is designed to produce rapid results with grass seed, but how well does is work?

Why ‘Seeding’ Soil?

Seeding soil is physically different from topsoil and potting soil, and has a much finer texture because it is made specifically to increase seed germination. Scotts Seeding Soil is made of composted products that hold moisture longer than regular topsoil, and that stimulates deeper root growth and protects newly germinated grass from drying out when they are the most vulnerable.  Turfbuilder Seeding Soil contains composted material, peat moss, an included starter fertilizer, and a wetting agent that may be a mixture of things including sand, and as a result the soil has a grainy texture to it. The mixture provides a soft and firm base to encourage germination, root production, and to really jumpstart a new lawn area. The goal with this long-lasting moisture rich soil is to increase the speed of growth, and the viability of each and every seed you throw down.

How to Use It:

There are few ways that this seeding soil will work well in your yard.  Seeding Soil can be used mixed with grass seed, and thrown or sown across the whole lawn to refresh it, it can be tilled into the soil in preparation of laying sod, and it can be laid out in open patches of the lawn to stimulate new growth with fresh grass seed.

Does It Work?

Scotts promises to grow lawn seed that germinates in this seeding soil faster, and 50% thicker than in normal topsoil, and I support that claim.  With all new grass seed the most important thing to do is to keep the soil moist to germinate the plants, and protect the soft tissue of the blades, and new roots from drying out.  Most new lawn grass begins to thin out after a few weeks once the home owner has passed what they believe is the critical watering point, but grass seed takes several weeks before the tissues of the plant have hardened off, and can take heat and dry soil.  Additionally, the starter fertilizer  not only gives the seeds a good jumpstart over non-fertilized seed, but it also helps the new shoots make it past the first two or three critical weeks.

How Does The Product Rate?

I would rate this product as a good investment of a couple bucks, because I think it makes growing new grass, or germinating any type of seed a much easier process, and can maximize your success.  The fertilizer, soil, and wetting agent combo give plants everything they need to really take off, and provide a better medium for seed germination that the average open patch of lawn soil. 


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