Site That Inspires Me: January

Well, It’s no secret that we all need a little inspiration from time to time, and the blogosphere is a great place for meeting and forming community with like minded people. This year, one thing I’m adding to the Green Gardenista is a monthly feature to share blogs and websites that have inspired me this past year, that you may want to check out for some serious idea swapping! 

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I still enjoy browsing through the big name gardening magazines, and I’m still fascinated by the fact that Martha can make a tube sock look like an elegant planter, but I’m finding more and more inspiration on the web by the smaller names in the business!  One woman whom I’ve found encouraging is Patti Moreno, who runs The Garden Girl, an article and ‘how-to’ video rich site that both documents her city gardening journey, and gives you plans to recreate her urban farm in your neighborhood. Patti began her garden journey simply, with her only goal being to lose her baby weight, but she worked until she has transformed a open lot behind her city home into a working vegetable farm, complete with goats, chicken, and rabbits, and turned her “Garden Girl” articles into regular contributions with several magazines and the Farmers Almanac! The Garden Girl is January’s “Site That Inspires Me,” and is well worth the time you are guaranteed to spend lost in her archives. Click on the link above and find some ideas to jump-start your spring plans!

Your Thoughts: I find myself constantly looking for ways to beef up my gardens potential even though I live in a city environment. Do you live in an urban environment?  What blogs inspire you to live large in your small space?

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