Site That Inspires Me: “The Bumblebee Blog”

bumblebee blog pic 300x225 Site That Inspires Me: “The Bumblebee Blog”

When I was 5, my kindergarten class spent weeks keeping a sharp eye on two incubators in our classroom while we studied the miracle of life. I can remember how waiting for the chicks and ducklings to hatch seemed to take so long, but I remember thinking it was all worth it the afternoon when I was finally allowed to pick out my own fuzzy chick and take it home. While that original chicken has long been in the happy-pecking-grounds in the sky somewhere over the DC suburbs, I confess, urbanite that I am, I harbor a desire to one day add chickens to my home and garden!

Robin, over at Bumblebee Blog has done just that, and carved out a divine little slice of Maryland heaven not to far from where I live currently.  As a devoted gardener who’s large country property provided a quiet escape from her city day job, Robin’s blog has evolved into a charming conversation over everything from her garden, to new chicken rearing feats, and her Papillon’s never ending struggle to keep pesky deer out of the yard. Her entries are filled with photos of her home and garden, or even the newest recipe she’s whipped up with her garden’s produce, and believe me, everything looks good! 

Bumblebee Blog is a great breath of fresh air in the garden blogging world. She writes with humor and wit, and is a natural storyteller.  Her posts inevitably end up feeling like a friendly visit over lemonade with a good friend, and are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face every time you visit. 

This week make some time to visit Robin’s garden through the link above, and see if she can’t brighten your day, and give you a few ideas for your yard.  You may even discover a fondness for chickens yourself, if not at least an appreciation for one misguided rooster named “T. Boone Chickens.”

Happy Gardening!

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