Snow Melt Products That Will Prolong The Life of Your Sidewalks

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Rock salt is no friend to cement sidewalks.  While it works wonders on asphalt surfaces, on concrete it will eat through your sidewalks in record time causing pitting and flaking.  Pitted concrete erodes and dissolves over the course of a few years, leaving a rapidly deteriorating surface for foot traffic. Unlike asphalt, which can simply be re-surfaced after cracks and chips, damaged cement needs to be removed for new cement to be poured, and that is one expense you can forgo with a little winter planning.

Whether using in large scale property management scenarios, or in smaller quantities around a home, it is important to find a good product that will prevent re-freezing, without eating away at the sidewalk itself.

In order to protect your concrete, and save yourself the cost of having bad concrete removed and re-done in the near future it’s important to use ice melt products that are Calcium, Magnesium, or Potassium based.  These chemicals while plenty hard on turf grass, and exposed skin and animal paws, are the necessary products to use commercially or privately where slips and falls can’t be risked by hand shoveling alone.

Reputable lawn and garden centers, farm stores, and local grocery stores often carry these products along with rock salt bags, so it is important to check the active chemical list on each bag before you purchase an ice melt product.

Using the proper chemical will save you hundreds of dollars in the long run, and protect the look of your concrete surfaces. Solid unblemished concrete boosts the curb appeal of a home, and can prevent trips and falls in the future.  Be sure to check any bagged chemical you apply to your sidewalk, and make sure you are using a sidewalk-safe product.

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