‘Solar Mowing’ In Maryland

mowerflyer ‘Solar Mowing’ In MarylandSolar Panel ‘Solar Mowing’ In Maryland

Lyn DeWitt isn’t your typical lawn care provider, in fact there isn’t much typical about Lyn or her new business “Solar Mowing,” although more businesses like it may be cropping up soon!

Unlike the average landscaper, Lyn’s field of expertise lay in an environmental field apart from landscaping, and her full time career as the Director of Communications for the eastern chapter of the Audubon Society kept her busy.  Like many other homeowners across the country Lyn felt the need to change her own lawn care habits when she learned that the average lawn mower creates the same amount of pollution in one hour that it takes your car to do in 100 miles. She wanted to make the air in her own yard and neighborhood cleaner and in order to reduce her own impact on the environment she switched her gas mower for a reel mower, but ended up happiest with a battery operated mower.  That idea evolved into a side-business mowing local lawns with these battery powered mowers for a small fee. Her initial goal was to offer her neighbors in the DC suburbs a greener solution for their lawn-care needs, but she kept tweaking her idea until it evolved into something even more creative, and energy efficient.

With further research she became determined to find a way to charge her battery operated mowers with solar power, and worked closely with Solar Electrics to create a one of a kind company truck that features a solar panel on the roof, and storage and charging stations inside for all of her battery powered equipment.  She now owns the company “Solar Mowing,” and provides lawn services for people in the Maryland and DC suburbs and so far she can’t be beat in her eco-friendly approach to modern garden and lawn care services!

News of Solar Mowing is spreading all across Maryland by word of mouth, and I hope to see more of Lyn DeWitt and others like her pioneering new ways to ‘green our routine.’  Many thanks to the folks that pointed ‘Solar Mowing’ out to me, and who have utilized her services, and supported this unique way to save a little energy and a little of the environment at the same time.

Your Thoughts: Do you support any green businesses?  Do you have any recommendations for folks in your area?

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