Stemware Inspired Gardens For Kitchen Herbs

Stem Garden 1024x797 Stemware Inspired Gardens For Kitchen Herbs

Here’s a bright way to grow your own kitchen herbs from!  The folks at Quirky pride themselves on creating innovative products that can’t be bought in stores, and this flexible stem garden makes a charming addition to the kitchen counter.

The stemware garden hold 6 small planting cups made from terra cotta, and is the perfect size for the kitchen herb garden.  Each cup is removable for easy planting, and features a hole in the bottom to prevent too much water from being trapped inside.  Excess water flows down the flexible stems into the terra cotta reservoir at the bottom, which can be emptied easily. The plastic cups are sturdy enough to last for a while, and light and airy enough in construction to work well in a decorated kitchen without looking clunky.

The garden will run you about 34 dollars, and soil and seeds are not included.  If you’re looking for a creative planter for yourself, or for a garden buddy, check out the link above.

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