STI Solar Fountain SunJet 150 Review

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The Solar Fountain SunJet 150:

This is the first solar powered fountain I’ve purchased for my own personal use, and thus far it’s been everything that it was advertised to be.  It’ll run you about 70 bucks from Amazon or the pond supply stores, and it runs beautifully, arriving with 3 different fountain heads for different looks.

The SunJet 150 is well made, with quality parts that are designed to last for years instead of the mere months that some of the other solar fountains in this price range do.


  • The fountain is easy to put together right out of the box.
  • The price is inexpensive – under 100 bucks, and easy for novice pond hobbyists to justify!
  • The filtration rate is about 40 gallons per hour, and the aeration it provides can help support fish in container gardens.
  • It is a no cost fountain to operate after the purchase price.
  • The feel good factor is half of the enjoyment when you purchase a water feature that runs on solar power.
  • Three different fountain heads to change the type of shape of the water jet add interest, and allow you to customize the spray to the size of your pond or container garden.
  • The Solar Power SunJet can shoot up to 1 foot in the air.
  • The mechanical parts, and plastic housing are comparable to larger pond fountains, and not comprised of cheap plastic.
  • The sound of falling water is a relaxing addition to the garden , and attracts songbirds.


  • The SunJet 150 runs only in bright, direct sunlight, and unless you live in Arizona this is not a four season fountain. The fountain works best in the summer, and then the performance is “fair” in the spring and fall, and poor in the winter.
  • The filtration is very simple and basic, and not truly valuable for a water feature with a lot of fish.
  • The solar panel does not store any energy, and the moment the sun moves behind a cloud the fountain stops working.

I am perfectly happy with my fountain, and I’ve been really happy with the way it functions. I would recommend the Solar Power SunJet 150 as a good beginners fountain for a tiny water feature, birdbath, or water garden container.  This a great way to get a little more action in your garden!

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